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Nation shaking political butchery coming

An idea that citizens are finally and legally going to directly rule themselves and our country.
It is my wish that someone can meet with me and potential others to talk about this new way
for resetting our constitution and doing away with politics.
Politicians, politics, and representatives will soon vanish
Political control and government strangulation will cease
Our dictatorial government will soon be a memory

Citizens are finally going to rule themselves

Writing this informational and perhaps prejudicial article is not meant to arouse any serious conflict or any kind of radical or unlawful action, as it is just one legal way the citizens of America can assume the direct and primary ruling of our country of, by, and for the people very legally. This writing will show a simple way how our ruinous two-party political government can be replaced by the direct voting of citizens from now on. We the people must not fail ourselves or our country from others who want to rule us. It may be too late now to head off a major financial disaster.
This article may help to inform and educate the general public about how our current government is out of our control and ruining our nation in secrecy and a solution for us all. Without our knowledge we are being led blindly and unknowingly and deliberately into socialism and dictatorship by crooked and greedy politicians and representatives that we trusted to represent us. Congressmen have set up a comfort zone excluding us civilians with their segregated power and unrecorded income for primarily taking money from us taxpayers and billions of dollars through the lobbyist activities, corporations, and other identities seeking our government's assets. We are over 19 trillion in debt now because we the people cannot change anything yet. It seems political Congress is hovering above us with their talons open and ready to grab anything and everything from us they can. The people's silence and bowing to our government's dictatorial practice has let evil raise its head.
Citizens must carry the torch of freedom
The Supreme Court is the guardian of our Constitution, and the Constitution is the guardian of the people. We must now grab the reins ourselves to lead our America, plus setting an example for the rest of the world to follow with pride and brotherhood. When our citizens reset our ailing country by healing our Constitution from political and presidential infection we will become the most revered, powerful, and important freedom loving people in the world.
Citizens will rule America directly
A slaughterhouse for politics is coming. Dictatorship and greed by our political government has blindfolding us and now leading us into total government takeover and near collapse of a free nation. Someday soon we will lose all our freedoms to an even bigger and more dictatorial government unless we take control very soon to save ourselves and our USA. We may have only one chance to save our country in a legal way. A movement will start soon for all voting citizens to become the one and only single party to rule our nation within the legislative branch of our Federal and State governments. Citizens throughout our nation with roles as legislatures will replace current representatives and the current two party politicians and all other political identities. Our current president and Congress can't or doesn't want to change this two party system, so it is up to we the people to gain control our government and rule it ourselves.
Our hungry government
I think our big government is like a mosquito that keeps hovering around us trying to suck out every drop of blood no matter how it hurts or harms us.
Our Congress and the executive branch is taking away our money and freedoms, so how long do you think it will be before we are completely helpless? Congress has put blindfolds on us so their secret lust of money and power can't be seen. Their secret and illegal world of politics is leading us into total government takeover and collapse of our nation that are founders were worried about when two different parties rule our nation. Someday soon and suddenly we will lose all our freedoms unless we take control to save ourselves and our country.

Tobacco checks and buying votes

I personally saw tobacco checks being placed on all our congressmen's desks one evening when watching TV while their camera was still on, and another time I saw two legislatures discussing how much money to buy the other's vote. Our congressmen have set up an unlawful and private government without our approval within our capital for themselves. Our beloved USA has become a sinking ship and our politicians can't and won't throw us or our country a lifeline as they are too deeply "in bed" with others. We will be drowning soon. In this new electronic age we should not be forced to use political lawyers or crooked representatives as our mouthpieces. Our action is not mutiny but an emergency to save our country that Congress cannot and will not fix. We made world history when our founders founded our country and Constitution, so we must now make a correction in our Constitution to make sure our country is ruled directly by and for the people.
The removal of representatives
Representatives that are qualified will become nominees automatically when all electronic voting is installed and approved for use. We may contact the Supreme Court for endorsement. The trusted guardians for our newly penned constitution saw the need for "representatives", but through time they have turned against us and care less about all human decency, our citizens, and our country. They have forged a private, secret, and political party within our own government to reap the rewards of money and power and all kinds of greed for their personal benefits, regardless of what dire consequences it has left our entire nation and its citizens. We must take off our blindfolds and reset our Constitution and not let any politicians or representatives speak for us in our behalf again. Our present government will never teach us about our constitutional rights, as it might destroy them. Trying to convince a congressman of anything is like a mouse trying to talk to a cat. Without any questions, each state should have their legislative body of nominees follow the same parliamentary procedures set up for our nation. Each state must obey the wishes of their people. All voters now become both their state and federal legislators. Current representatives in Congress use electronic voting in their chambers to vote for us, even though it surely may not be in our best interests. Both the federal nominees and the state nominees will be paid an agreeable salary for their necessary work in those capitals.
Political attorneys
Attorneys have worked their way into the political arena and are trying to make us believe that the constitution allows them the right to be a part of our congress--This is against the will of the people and our founders. All political attorneys should be fired or barred from any activity whatsoever. 54% of the Senate is made up of lawyers as opposed to 36% in the House. (Year unknown, but around 2013) I can't think of one congressional person in prison for stealing or squandering our nation's money. There will be watchdogs for our financial accounting for the first time and with transparency and openness for us all and severe punishment for wrongdoers.

Terrible things about congress
(Info collected via e-mails, Capitol Blue Hill) April 2012)

29members of Congress have been accused of spousal abuse,
7 have been arrested for fraud,
19 have been accused of writing bad checks,
117 have bankrupted at least two businesses,
3 have been arrested for assault,
71 have credit reports so bad they can't qualify for a credit card,
14 have been arrested on drug-related charges,
8 have been arrested for shoplifting,
21 are current defendants in lawsuits, And in 1998 alone, 84 were stopped for drunk driving, but released after they claimed Congressional immunity. (From Capitol Hill Blue)
As of (03-28-2014) many representatives we trusted (yes crooked politicians) were being questioned for various felonies including making millions of dollars selling guns and shoulder fired missiles to other countries that are our enemies. We cannot stop it unless we get organized into one single open and transparent ruling group as legislatures of our country.
Rule with constitutional power at home
Our new voting platform will be a method to allow all voters to be legislatures right from their homes and will follow our Constitution that was set up for us by our founders with the ruling of, by, and for the people. This voting idea should make it very easy for the citizens to organize and become the new and single ruling party of our nation as it was intended. Early pioneers needed representatives for us, because getting all the citizens together with their fastest horse was a big problem. The horse in those days is now replaced with the electronics of today. There will be no place for representation or representatives again. We now become the legislative branch to directly make the laws that we wish to live by. This new legislative branch will stretch to every voter regardless of their state or their county or their city.
Change "representatives" to "nominees".

This new voting platform will have no representatives anymore. We will elect citizens from our midst and call them "nominees" to fill the seats within the legislative branch of both our state and federal capitals. Again all our elected nominees in all locations employed by their state or the government will be paid agreeable wages as an employed nominee. These nominees will have only one vote for any new laws or elections, the same as any other voter in our nation. Their phones or electronic devices should allow them to vote in their chambers as well as their homes.

Our Constitution will follow parliamentary procedures

Our new nominees will be seated in Congress to run our government in a very parliamentary way within strict guidelines of our Constitution. It will operate somewhat like the current Congressional committees meet and discuss issues, however, the difference is, the nominees do not make any decisions for us (except in a dire emergency) but instead our nominees will televise their suggestions to all voters throughout our nation for a yes or no vote. This eliminates representatives and politicians. This same procedure will be used in each state for each state's lawmaking. We may require a 24 or 48 hour waiting period before a law becomes legal right after the voters across our nation have approved it by their majority vote. The president or the executive department should not have any power over us voting and ruling citizens..

A brief summary of the voting plan
This idea or plan will enable the voters for the first time within our country to directly vote within their homes for a candidate seeking election, plus it doubles its use as a platform for making laws directly by the people so they can rule themselves without relying on dishonest representatives. There are three different reasons to vote: first we can use this same equipment or voting platform for all types of voting, including elections, secondly a new way to vote in state laws, and third, a new way to vote in new federal laws. All new laws will be made directly from the people and using the same phones, not from unfaithful representatives

Funding the voting system
By using this new electronic voting system, we citizens will automatically, immediately, and permanently be the only party to run our government. This writing is an attempt to stimulate every citizen to realize they must take control and the rule our government themselves. This writing should instill and inspire some active citizens to join together and find financial resources amongst themselves to start building an electronic voting system.
After our voting platform is built
This new voting method would almost certainly eliminate all political parties, political attorneys, and reduce the vast number of political representatives needed currently from each state. This could reduce both representatives of the two parties and politicians, etc. from 50% to 65%. Wow, what a saving and efficient! Every state in our nation should declare that politics are gone and can now call their old two party Republicans and Democrats "nominees". The state politicians with a good background check can keep their seats and lose their position as a representative and become only one nominee with one vote toward lawmaking or elections. Since our current Democratic and Republican political parties and news reporters keep us busy about 3 1/2 years before each presidential election trying to decide on a future president, this new voting plan should stimulate and encourage citizens to run our country efficiently on a daily basis right from their homes instead of being blindfolded for those 3 1/2 years before a presidential election by the politicians who do nothing except argue amongst themselves until they are out of office anyway and on a another vacation they set up for themselves. This voting platform with openness and clarity should kill all wrongdoing, thievery, and corruption and do away with well over 55% of people within the current government.
An average voting procedure
A voter is at home in his residence and watching his television that has some dedicated channels just for voting. His viewing and voting could be either to elect a candidate or a yes or no vote on a new law that is suggested by one of our nominees or one of our voters. The handheld device has many functions and the most important one is to make sure that his vote is securely forwarded to the receiver. When he sends his vote from a chosen plurality of radio waves or signals that only an encryption developer can attain, it will travel to a satellite many miles high then return to a receiver somewhere within his state. This receiver through a plurality of events will then present a numerical text on an attached and viewable screen. A live video broadcasting or streaming type camera will be constantly focused on the voting results which will be shown nationwide and continually from the various dedicated television stations and\or channels across our country. The most demanding and important issue is for a developer to make sure that each vote is securely forwarded to a receiver and the voter gets verified it was received, and also making sure the receiver is very secure with everyone's personal identification. Each voter will hopefully be voting into their one and only state receiver that will hold only information of his state, so this voter can vote in no other state, or other districts or precincts.

Some important and famous quotes we should respect
Thomas Jefferson and George Washington tried to set up rules to stop a bad government from taking control of us citizens, Some of their quotes below may help inspire us to legally take our country back and rule ourselves.
John Adams said:
"There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the Republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerning measures in opposition to each other. This in my humble apprehension is to be dreaded as a greatest political evil under our Constitution."

A few of Thomas Jefferson's famous quotes
My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.
Experience hath shown that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted into tyranny.
The government is the strongest of which every man feels himself a part.
I consider the people who constitute a society or nation as the source of all authority in that nation.
I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.
A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have.
If the present Congress errs in too much talking, how can it be otherwise in a body to which the people send one hundred and fifty lawyers, whose trade it is to question everything, yield nothing, and talk by the hour? It will be of little avail to the people, that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man, who knows what the law is today, can guess what it will be tomorrow. (End of the Thomas Jefferson quotes)

A Summary of the US Constitution--27 Amendments:
People have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and the right to petition
People have the right to have a weapon to protect themselves. 1791

Soldiers cannot take or live in a person's house. 1791.

The government cannot arrest a person or search their property unless there is "probable cause." 1791.

The government must follow the law (due process) before punishing a person. 1791.

A person has the right to a fair and speedy trial by a jury. 1791.

A person has the right to a jury trial for civil cases. 1791.

The government cannot demand excessive bail or fines, or any cruel and unusual punishment. 1791.

The Constitution does not include all of the rights of the people and the states. 1791.

Any powers that the Constitution does not give to the federal government belong to the states. 1791.

Citizens cannot sue states in federal courts. (There are some exceptions). 1795.

The President and Vice President are elected on a party ticket. 1804.

Slavery is illegal in the United States. 1865.

Every person born in the USA is a citizen. An immigrant can become a naturalized citizen. 1868

All US male citizens have the right to vote. 1870.
Congress can tax income. 1913.

The people can elect US Senators. 1913.

Alcohol is illegal. (Prohibition). 1919.

All US female citizens have the right to vote. 1920.

The President is inaugurated in January. Congress begins to meet in January. 1933.

Alcohol is legal. Each state can make laws about making, selling, and drinking alcohol. 1933.

The President cannot serve for more than two terms. 1951.

The US Citizens in the District of Columbia have the right to vote for President. 1961.

It is illegal to make a citizen pay a voting fee or take a reading test to vote. 1964.

If the president dies or cannot serve, the vice-president becomes president. If both die, the Speaker of the House becomes president. 1967.

US citizens who are 18 years old or older have the right to vote. 1971.

Congress must limit when and how much its members are paid. 1992.

Let's really try to get the electronic voting platform built

Against the wishes of many politicians, I believe we the people must put on a drive to organize as best we can. It may be to start or join a local group in your area, whether in person or Internet or telephone, then for perhaps we can tie these small groups together to form the foundation to start or build our new voting platform. Once it is built with private money, we may elect some part of this cost to be paid back by our country, because we will "rule the roost" as a chicken farmer might say. A direct vote to elect the president or federal officials should be possible soon. I have written some possible laws or positive changes that can repair our government after we gain the upper hand in the legislative branch. I really believe we can get the necessary amount of citizens involved if only someone takes it upon themselves to make the move to either start or join a freedom loving group that wants a change.

Every voter across our nation can vote electronically as a member of the legislature without any political interference whatsoever.
This idea would enable the voters for the first time within our country to directly vote within their homes for a candidate seeking election plus it doubles its use as a platform for making laws directly by the people so they can rule themselves without relying on dishonest representatives.
This writing will show one way our citizens can vote in the laws and rules for our country they wish to live with themselves and in a nonpolitical and parliamentary way without any outside intervention and in a direct and strict compliance with our original Constitution. This article may not only fill the serious need for changing our country's leadership back to the citizens, but it should instill the best chances of prosperity and freedom for all of us. Our USA could retain being the most powerful nation in the world plus setting an example for the rest of the world of how freedom loving people ruling themselves could have the pride and freedoms and security they deserve.

About the author
This gentleman, in the year 2016, is an 85-year-old male Caucasian veteran who has served over six years in the Oregon National Guard plus four years in the Air Force providing security and maintenance for the atomic bombs of the 1950s era. He is acutely aware of the needed military power and security our country needs because of worldwide threats and our declining military..This author as well as most citizens wants to see the power of our country returned upon the citizens like it is supposed to be. We seniors have seen the plunge of America's military, financial standing, health services, employment opportunities, personal safety, etc. in our lifetime. We also see the younger generation suffering from poverty and unemployment without knowing it's from the secretive greed and power of our government officials.
Some of his background may have helped him to hatch a plan to construct a new voting platform across the United States that allows each voting citizen to become part of our legislative branch of government to rule our USA while also becoming part of the legislature right in their own homes. His work in various fields of entrepreneurships, such as 10 years in civil engineering construction, 15 years in real estate and other small business ventures, and his love for engineering principles may have helped to create this voting platform. His present lifetime ambition is to awaken citizens to our pending devastation and help citizens do an easy but "mind shaking change" to take over the ruling of a country before it is too late. Most citizens know that people around the world are living under a ruling dictator today. They also want our citizens to "wake up" and do something about it so we can lead the world and help them.. Some of those freedom loving people around the world will get their hands, feet, or head chopped off today if they even talk about freedom.
Here are some new laws I thought of that we might consider:
*Since we are a direct part of Congress now, we will change the language so all bills and so forth will be read in high school level not over 11.5 reading average, plus all attorneys' language will be removed. Finally there will be something short and clean and in English that citizens can read and understand, and now for the first time. We will actually post results in public places also. Our public TV station and channels may be viewed by anyone or the whole world to see.
* (in 2011) there were about 535 members in the house and senate. They have hired thousands of "staff" employees and thousands of "committee" persons, plus untold numbers of "political" attorneys. Most staffers and committees will be relieved of duty or fired.
*Over 50 committees working on the same project did not know what each other was doing. This will stop!
Records show one year over 61 politicians with criminal records that should be fired--many more are unrecorded.
* Over 13,000 registered "lobbyists" whose ONLY interest is to have congressmen receive "compensation or consideration" to vote for their private interests, not for our country or us citizens. (The white house halls are overcrowded with lobbyists at times.)
* Fire all current lobbyists then any new lobbyists offering money or any favors to any federal employee.
* Congressmen receiving any gratuities or money from lobbyists or anyone else will be relieved of their employment.
* All acting political attorneys should be relieved of any federal funds or employment in the legislative branch--they are not wanted. The presidential staff alone shows over 50 attorneys, one took over $1,000,000.00 of our taxes, another reason for putting high school level English in our laws. No attorneys are needed.
* Our new laws will be in form that any high school level graduate can read and finally understand. Old political laws may be changed to this standard, and no attorneys will override this. Attorneys can be used only to enforce civil actions consisting of private people and privately owned and operated companies. We do not need attorney language or words in our Constitution or directing our lives and welfare that we cannot fully understand or know the ratification or consequences of. Let them do their stuff in civil courts. The people of our country must be able to read and understand all written law.
* All laws of the land will finally be published for all to read on our electronic devices, and must be in or on a high school level reading, or these laws will be deleted or changed.
* All laws, rules, or contracts our politicians have made without the public's knowledge or approval that benefit them differently than the taxpayers will be abolished immediately.
* The 2 party system was made by politicians for the politicians, not for us, so we must get rid of it, at least until our country is "straightened out", and can create one true parliamentary or "unicameral" body in the congress. No more "republicans" or "democrats".
* Congressmen have paid money, or bought votes to switch "party lines" for something the party wishes to pass, so purchase "Yes" votes to "no" votes, etc., absolutely in violation of our constitution and civil law. They will be fired.
* Make congress legally responsible for of every dollar they spend of our money, or lose their employment.
* Reset congress's wages, retirement, as they have illegally voted their own public salaries and raises, pensions, perks, insurances etc., of course paid by us taxpayers
* Since they made laws and rules for themselves without our knowledge or approval, we must take reign and reverse this trend, and force them to pay back all or some they took illegally from us.
* Congress members currently argue amongst themselves forever, swindling and plundering America's wealth and welfare, while receiving illegal income and being of alliance with outside private interest, not our nation's best interest.
* Continual corruption is happening, so we must eliminate those with criminal records or the taking any gifts, monies, or gratuities from any source other than their wages.
* In the 2008 election, over 134 million people voted--let's get those and more registered for us!
* The Federal Reserve's job of printing money must stop as it causes more deflation of our dollar. Congressmen set it up, so congress can abolish it also. Just a few private people own the Federal Reserve.
* We must abolish the Federal Reserve. It has been abolished before, but a few people started it up again to get rich and help depreciate our money. What does it do? Does anybody really know? The FDIC guarantees our money in the banks, but the Federal Reserve does exactly nothing for our good in most opinions. They just make a few people very rich by isolating themselves within their own elite group with their shadowed control of this private type bank. They just keep on printing money to depreciate our dollar. Perhaps we will need a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread someday.
* Set up presidential and all federal elections "cost free" hopefully with private funds, or some federal money if not, so all individuals running for elective offices by giving all the exact time and exposure and only on television. The rich (or any contender) cannot have extra private or public exposure, unless they provide the same time or exposure for all. The intent is for all walks of life to have the exact TV or public viewing time or exposure for all candidates, rich or poor. Any person can now be considered for elections, without money as the control. No more extra "fundraisers for private parties" unless "Private fundraisers" is equally shared.
* Set up a public work force immediately in our country to help unemployment by repairing road, bridges, campgrounds, forest trails, etc., something like the old "CCC" or "WPA" president Roosevelt set up during the big depression, perhaps encourage private investment to build more homes or apartments for the low income or disabled seniors, etc. At the same time teach as many unskilled workers as possible new trades or skills while working-- (part work, part classes.)
* Our public forest controllers within county, state, and federal, plus Indian and ALL LARGE PRIVATE FOREST owners to come together and operate all forests as a "cash" crop for us and world use. Tens of thousands may be needed to maintain this new nationwide "crop", plus all trees will have fire lanes, infestation, & fire protection, with underbrush scrubbed for better tree growth and more wildlife of all kinds.
* Put a (one year) or longer worldwide moratorium on most spending or financial help during our country's restructuring period.
* Stop all tags, earmarks, or attachments to any bills in the future, vote each item separately.
* Make one small office or person responsible for monitoring and reporting where every federal dollar is spent. All departments across the white house or government will have to report to this person or office.
* Make all congressmen and politicians abide by the same laws that are imposed on us.
* Abolish the separate government of the congressmen, by the congressmen and for the congressmen forever. (I'm sure you have many ideas for laws you/we would like to live by)
Above are just some things we can do after we take control,
I would like to get a few people together to talk about this idea, so hope you can be one of them. Let's try to form a group discussion by e-mailing me at:
(My secondary e-mail address):  forlessgov@Gmail.com