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This is your country, your people, not mine

See this report and a thousand others from me, and awaken to the horrors that the general population encourage and facilitate.
Geral Sosbee
Geral Sosbee
This post is intended to remind all living that the fbi/cia assassins and their supporters are relentless in the crime spree against me that I have reported for almost thirty five years; and that the incredible evil which I and others try to capture in words defy simple description because the crimes are unconscionable, covert, painful (physically & and psychologically), and are unprecented in human affairs. See my reports on sophisticated, high tech weaponry used to virtually imprison me in my own body while torturing me all the time.

As most readers have no reference to the extremely filthy and macabre minds of fbi agents and operatives whom I seek to expose in my work, I lament that all of my labors are largely lost on those readers. Other individuals have no time and no interest in the dark side of government; still others support government right or wrong, and no fount yet others assume that karma (destiny or fate, following as effect from cause) explains all in this universe and therefore one is helpless to address grotesque wrongs.

No matter how one may explain away from his conscience the horrible deeds committed by fbi and cia globally, one fact remains unchanged and perhaps has a karma of its own in the making: that under heaven and on earth the atrocities perpetrated on our fellow humans *globally by quasi demonic characters in the fbi/cia are continuing around the clock and are in the true sense of the word E V I L.: Torture, Forced Suicide (while being monitored), Psychological War (of a most inhumane type), Assassinations and assorted crimes involving mahem, mass murder, terrorist assaults and other crimes such as human experimentation involving bio-chem-viral- DEW ( directed Energy weaponry), et al.
See my affidavits 2007 and 2014.

So, all who don't care, or who have no sense of right and wrong and all who actively or passively support this murderous and overthrown regime (USA) are charged with knowledge of such crimes against humanity; and in the name of universal justice, all such names are forever recorded as guilty, cowardly and irresponsible. For I and others lay at the feet of all the overwhelming evidence of a nation (the USA) out of balance with the universe and out of touch with all sense of human decency.

In the words of my dear friend, BARBARA HARTWELL, "This is not about "lessons". It is about war. A war between good and evil where there are no gray areas, only right and wrong. It is not about situational ethics or moral ambiguities; but rather moral absolutes. No New Age gobbeldygook can change that; nor can it change the truth and the facts." The war is between the human monsters of our time and those of us who righteously expose atrocities and try to stop them for the benefit of all.

In my case the fbi sends male & female thugs (little monsters trained to do evil deeds) to try to provoke or kill me. Sometimes, these same operatives sit next to me on either side when I visit the library. Recently, one follows me into the grocery store and steals my smart phone when I turn momentarily from the shopping basket. Others assault me in the mall, on the streets & highways, or in my home. Sometimes, even cops are co-opted by fbi as dirty and cowardly operatives. See my reports on Knipfing, Rodriguez, Bleier, Wilson, Posada, Cruz and others.

I have taken photos of several fbi operatives; many such thug/operatives of the fbi are named in my reports. I have even filed police reports on some fbi operatives engaged in multiple felonies against me and my wife. Yet, the Federal Magistrate Judge who authorizes the fbi's crimes against me does nothing to stop them. He is a supreme terrorist sitting in his chambers, guarded by US Marshalls, while he rubber stamps all fbi submissions for corrupt, secret, unlawful, civil court orders.
See my report at:

Finally, this is your country run by fbi/MAFIA serial killers and insane homicidal cops; The failure to control your own authorities means that their crimes are attributed to you. So, be not coy, but awaken to the reality of a world of hidden horrors that you have allowed to expand in your name and by your authority.


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