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Tulsa Shooting: Victim Was Already Tased, On Ground When Cop Fired

All "video" is edited even Youtube
the throw down  caught on video
the throw down caught on video
CNN made a major mistake today. Or maybe it's just that one of their editing employees decided enough was enough with the coverup and lies concerning the shooting of an unarmed Black man in Tulsa. The video of the shooting that was filmed by a helicopter new crew clearly showed that the victim was already down on the ground and incapacitated by by a Taser several seconds BEFORE the cop pulled the trigger and killed him. CNN screwed up by showing the video this morning with the original soundtrack intact from the helicopter. You could clearly hear a couple of very loud shots ring out AFTER the victim was down on the ground. You hear the reporter saying he's been tased and you see the man LYING ON THE ROAD-obviously incapacitated. A few seconds go by and you then hear two very sharp reports, obviously gunshots and the man's body jerks a bit then relaxes-dead. You even hear the reporter GASP! out loud at the fact that shots were fired after the guy was already immobile on the ground. Evwery other time since then when the video is aired, no matter what station, no matter what news program, the sound of the shots has been edited out of the original soundtrack to the video. Even every single instance where the vid has been posted on YOUTUBE, the shots have been silenced on the soundtrack. And there are nearly a dozens posts of this vid on Y.T. Hello Google censors. So all the hand wringing and second-guessing you see and hear from now on during CNN and FOX and MSNBC newscasts are all just a bunch of diversionary bullshit. They all KNOW WTF happened but will never admit it. Now the cops say he had a gun but won't show it to anyone, nor will they release any body cam footage either. But a pic from a video did pop up online that appears to show a pistol on the ground. Tulsa is bad news and the news is no help at all.

A joke 22.Sep.2016 09:53


and I might add 'Hello, Google world!'

It is, isn't it?
I'm not laughing; and Huxley rolls in his grave....

Charlotte 22.Sep.2016 16:11


My error- the throw down pic is from Charlotte, not Tulsa. But they did try to say the Tulsa victim was thought to be armed also. Despite earlier claims, no gun was found. The Tulsa cop who fired has been arrested and charged with 1st degree manslaughter as of Thursday afternoon. His hands were in the air for all to see so there's no getting away with it.

"Charlotte, not Tulsa" - Lol ! 22.Sep.2016 23:24


hey rAT, you trolling us bro?

j/k, it's ok ... I know about typos too

p.s. apparently the Tulsa PD officer Betty Shelby, has a history of domestic violence (with former boyfriends) and her current hubby was on the force the night she gunned down Terence Crutcher.

Charlotte's Keith Scott had history of deadly violence, firearm violations 23.Sep.2016 20:14



Report: Charlotte's Keith Scott Had History of Violence Including Arrest for Shooting At Police...

Posted on September 22, 2016by sundance

According to a story in The Christian Times, who they claim verified with The Charlotte Observer, Keith Lamont Scott had a two decades long history of gun violence, including an arrest/conviction for shooting at police officers in Texas. The New York Times has previously reported on his troubled past but not the 2005 shooting at police incident:

(Via NYT) [... ] According to court records, Mr. Scott was born in South Carolina, was about six feet tall and weighed 230 to 250 pounds. While living in South Carolina in the 1990s, he was charged with a number of offenses including check fraud, aggravated assault and carrying a concealed weapon. Later, he moved to Texas where he shot and wounded a man in San Antonio in 2002, for which he was convicted and sentenced, in 2005, to seven years in prison. He was released in 2011. (link)

The Charlotte Observer also reported on Scott's extensive criminal career -SEE HERE- and we did independently identify a criminal record in Texas - SEE HERE - which aligns with all of these reports.

nc-riot-19-keith-scott(Via Christian Times) Keith Scott had a long police record that included gun violations. Christian Times Newspaper has learned, and it has been confirmed by the Charlotte Observer, that Scott was convicted in April 2004 of a misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon charge in Mecklenburg County, and other charges were dismissed: including felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, assault on a female, and communicating threats. Scott was also charged with assault with intent to kill in 1995. [ Texas Arrest Record Here ]

The most shocking find in Scott's record, however, is what occurred in Bexar County, Texas in 2005. In March of that year, Scott was sentenced to 15 months in state prison for evading arrest, and in July, he was consecutively sentenced to seven years on a conviction of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Sources are now coming forward and alleging that those two separate convictions are in fact related, and they both have to do with a confrontation between Scott and Bexar County Police in early 2005.

One source, who asked CTN to refrain from using her name to protect her identity, told reporters that Scott fired a handgun at San Antonio police officers when they attempted to detain him in February 2005 after noticing that he was driving erratically. (Scott had a history of drunk driving, according to court records).

Allegedly, as the officers approached Scott's black Ford sedan, he fired two rounds from the driver's seat and then sped away. Neither of the officers was hit, and they proceeded to give chase and detain Scott several blocks away.

While Scott did leave the gun in his passenger's seat when he attempted to run on-foot, he did, according to our source, assault one officer by punching him in the face.

Scott was released from Texas state prison in 2011. (read more)


Charlotte Observer [... ] A public records search shows that Scott was convicted in April 2004 of a misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon charge in Mecklenburg County. Other charges stemming from that date were dismissed: felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, and misdemeanors assault on a child under 12, assault on a female and communicating threats.

In April 2015 in Gaston County Court, Scott was found guilty of driving while intoxicated.

In 1992, Scott was charged in Charleston County, S.C., with several different crimes on different dates, including carrying a concealed weapon (not a gun), simple assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He pleaded guilty to all charges.

Scott also was charged with aggravated assault in 1992 and assault with intent to kill in 1995. Both charges were reduced, but the disposition of the cases is unclear.

According to Bexar County, Texas, records, Scott was sentenced in March 2005 to 15 months in a state jail for evading arrest. In July of that year, records show, he was sentenced to seven years in prison on a conviction of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. A Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman said Scott completed his sentence and was released from prison in 2011. (more)

An initial sentence of 15 months (March 2005) that gained an additional sentence of 7 more years (July 2005), that took until 2011 to complete, definitely aligns with a much more serious set of charges.

A long history of gun violence - HERE and HERE - including shooting at police?

If accurate, those reports when combined with the eye witness who took pictures of the handgun dropped by Keith Scott when shot by police officers (see above and below), the account of the Charlotte police department appears to be validated.

Charlotte's Keith Scott: 7 years imprisonment for deadly force 25.Sep.2016 03:47


 link to news4sanantonio.com

SAN ANTONIO - The man whose death has sparked protests in Charlotte, North Carolina was once arrested in San Antonio, according to the New York Times.

The Times reports that Keith Lamont Scott shot and wounded a man here in the Alamo City back in 2002. He was convicted in 2005 and sentenced to 7 years in prison. He was released in 2011.

Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by police in Charlotte on Tuesday. Scott's family, who has viewed video of the shooting, is now calling for officials to release the video to the public.

Protesters have continued to take to the streets of Charlotte this week. They are also calling for the release of the video.