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Republication in different format : University of Texas / fbi joint crimes against me

This report is a republication of my original documentation of crimes against me on campus of UT by joint operations of fbi and corrupt police, Chancellor et al.
Never allow the University of Texas to forget their joint crimes with fbi against me on campus:


 link to www.indymedia.org.nz

University of Texas cannot escape responsibility for its joint crimes ( covered up or assisted by chancellor, legal counsel, police, dean, president, security guards, library staff, employee thug) with fbi against me:


fbi, UT cops, military intelligence, staff all threaten me as fbi tortures me:



UT Legal Counsel Chimes in on behalf of corrupt UT chancellor et al.:



Fbi and UT police continue threats and harassment with full knowledge of UT Chancellor and legal counsel, even as fbi operative thug in the employ of UT commits assault and battery:



UT cops Bleier and Wilson issue a fraudulent 'BOLO'' against me on campus while police and staff harass me; then the police falsify my report of another assault on my person on campus by a different fbi/police operative:






Nazi criminals live today in fbi/cia





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