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TTP, TTIP + TISA: The Secret Strategy To Create A New System


"... What [these agreements] are about, is enshrining an investor rights regime in the respective countries and ensuring that [multinational] corporations can run wild in their respective economies with very little regulation or impingement by government or authorities."

"This is a new power which will be handed over to U.S. corporations, to sue the governments of Europe in a parallel judicial system which is available to them alone. So people have no access to it, domestic firms have no access to it, governments have no access to it; it's just their foreign investors, in this case U.S. corporations."
John Hilary, Executive Director
War on Want




homepage: homepage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hSc99Iqx60A

sorry: first title word supposed to read TPP (not "TTP" - typo) 10.Sep.2016 22:19