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Polls don't matter. Russians will hack 11 counties voting machines.

11 counties in the US will decide the election in 2016. (this is the prediction by the MSM).
If 11 counties in swing states decide the election, then its quite easy for the Russian intelligence services to hack just a few of those voting machines in each county and change the results nationwide.
Vladimir Putin believes Hillary Clinton to be responsible for post-election demonstrations in Russia in 2011. From Russia's self-serving perspective, the US has long meddled in elections in their part of the world, so there is no reason why Russia should not meddle in ours.

There is Nothing At All To Complain About Here 16.Sep.2016 17:12


People who do not protest against the Machines and demand hand counted paper ballots do not deserve to participate in elections.

As long as the Machines are there, I will not vote, and I will not care what the Russians or anyone else does with those Machines. Why worry about it?

(Adding strategic simple score voting would be even 100 times better.)