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TPP and NAFTA: Trump Is Speaking Against, Will Cancel TPP

just fyi, you all (former Bernie Bros hornswoggled / decided to vote Hillary Clinton) etc.

Trump is directly hitting the TPP, and referencing NAFTA (as a horrendous bad deal historically) in his recent speech events. Repeatedly, constantly and insistently.

says fwiw that he will cancel the TPP if he reaches the White House in 2017. Every speech.

watch the speeches below.

( Yeah I know you're scoffing. PDX IMC workerbees: [Hand Hovers Over Delete Button]

Irrespective btw of whether you think it makes no difference who wins November 9th, or if you 'hate Trump'....

Y'all seriously should watch the actual speeches and get a view of Trump communicating directly to his followers, rather than corporate mass media portrayals of Trump/soundbites. Kid you not. )
Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Austin, Texas (August 23, 2016) Donald Trump Austin, Texas Speech

Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Akron, Ohio (August 22, 2016) Donald Trump Ohio Speech

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Fredericksburg, Virginia (August 20, 2016) Trump Live Speech

Full Event: Donald Trump Rally in Dimondale, Michigan (August 19, 2016) Trump Live Speech

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Charlotte, North Carolina (August 18, 2016) Trump Live Speech

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in West Bend, Wisconsin (August 16, 2016) Trump Live Speech

FULL Donald Trump Press Conference in Doral, Florida (7-27-16) Donald Trump Florida Rally Speech

address: address: ***t just got real

2 more broadsides v. TPP and NAFTA 25.Aug.2016 00:53


NAFTA: "one of the worst trade deals in the history of mankind"...

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Tampa, Florida (August 24, 2016) Trump Live Speech

Brexit tsar Nigel Farage appears as speaking guest with Trump at his rally in Jackson, MS today :
(starts at ~14 mins. in)

Full Speech: Donald Trump Rally in Jackson, Mississippi (August 24, 2016) Trump Live Speech

Okay 25.Aug.2016 05:37


Okay, so Trump says he would cancel the TPP. Hasn't Clinton said she would not sign it? Why is Trump's word worth more than Clinton's?

In a bigger picture, are we to believe that Trump will keep his word on this if he is elected? (And same question for Clinton, of course) Why would you believe this? Look at his advisors. He is not of the working class and has clearly amassed a lot of wealth because of trade and economic policies such as these erroneously named free trade agreements. It's about the same as wondering how Obama can support the TPP? Why wouldn't he? He's been a corporate capitalism tool from day 1.

RE: "Trump's word worth more than Clinton's" / "corporate capitalism tool" 25.Aug.2016 08:00


valid question Garth -

I'm not trying to propose that he's "more trustworthy" (or whatever) than Clinton. About anything he says (e.g. fwiw 2nd Amendment)...
sure it's possible he could turn on his constituents (like any politician).

But he has made international trade, jobs a keystone of his campaign from day 1, i.e. since prior to the primaries. And has aimed it straight at the mostly white, blue collar demographic hit hard by results of NAFTA since the 1990s.

Read this article:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/03/431843.shtml

Also, NAFTA is a result of the Bill Clinton, the current candidate's husband.

in addition, major Wall Street big capitalists are against Trump and have (even if they happen to be Republican) expressed support for Clinton in 2016. Architect of 2008 bank bailout and prime 1% advocate, former Bush administration treasury secretary Hank Paulson among them.

it's not as simple as Trump himself being a 'rich millionaire'.... He's stirred up significant enemies in the corporate capitalist / globalist establishment and they are running in direct opposition to him.

p.s. / addendum on Clinton, Democrat Party and TPP 26.Aug.2016 01:53


fwiw in my estimation, the TPP is the single item (among so many...) that Hillary Clinton is blatantly lying _the most_ about, right now.

i.e. not necessarily the oft-mentioned "switching position on it 'because of Bernie'" (some sort of imprecise, fungible post-convention "concession to the left-leaning" wing of party).... but even more, because to actually do so, for her and with her well documented political + corporate elite associations/background, is about as plausible as the non-existence of gravity.

Further, here are some observations from a recent article (click the link for full piece) on the TPP's political viability :


August 20, 2016, 08:03 am
Obama's TPP campaign could drag down Democrats

By Mark Weisbrot

[ ... ]

Why is Obama willing to risk so much to get the TPP passed this year? Many press reports insist that it is because he wants it for his legacy. It is strange to think that he would want such an unpopular agreement for his legacy. There are less flattering reasons that seem much more plausible.

The "fast-track" legislation that allows Congress only an up-or-down vote on the TPP, considered essential to its passage, was approved in June 2015 by just a 10-vote margin in the House of Representatives. Only 28 Democrats voted with their president, and they have since come under increasing pressure not to repeat their vote for the TPP. Meanwhile, nine Republicans who voted for fast-track have publicly stated that they will vote against the TPP.

So it is looking like a very close vote. (For procedural and political reasons, Obama will not bring it to a vote unless he is sure he has the necessary votes). Now let's look at one special group of Representatives who can swing this vote: the actual lame-ducks, i.e., those who will be in office only until Jan. 3. It depends partly on how many lose their election on Nov. 8, but the average number of representatives who left after the last three elections was about 80.

Most of these people will be looking for a job, preferably one that can pay them more than $1 million a year. From the data provided by OpenSecrets.org, we can estimate that about a quarter of these people will become lobbyists. (An additional number will work for firms that are clients of lobbyists).

So there you have it: It is all about corruption, and this is about as unadulterated as corruption gets in our hallowed democracy, other than literal cash under a literal table. These are the people whom Obama needs to pass this agreement, and the window between Nov. 9 and Jan. 3 is the only time that they are available to sell their votes to future employers without any personal political consequences whatsoever. The only time that the electorate can be rendered so completely irrelevant, if Obama can pull this off.

garth, she was for TPP before she was against it. 26.Aug.2016 13:42


and will be for it again.

My bet is the lame duck congress will pass it, and OVomit will sign it.

maybe 27.Aug.2016 07:43


j., I suspect you are correct, but that may well depend on how hard we fight. The organizing in opposition to the TPP has been extensive and strong. Whether enough remains to be seen.