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Eric Clapton - I Shot the Sheriff

A millionaire criminal sung this.

He got away with it too.

You, however, would be tortured, then hanged.

But not the millionaire.
You would be punished. But not him. It's the law and it's just how it works.

Eric Clapton - I Shot the Sheriff

who/what would 'punish' him (or anyone else), blues? 22.Aug.2016 20:09


You believe in punishment, blues? [quoting blues:] "It's the law"

what entity is responsible for punishment?

Are you, blues in favor/a backer of that entity / "the law"?

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blues, 'Learn a little bit' about The Government 22.Aug.2016 22:11


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Nobody "owns" anything.

Oh My Blunder -- Eric Clapton Is Not The Criminal 23.Aug.2016 18:05


His peculiar songs were easily misunderstood.

And they were later sung by Frank Sinatra Wannabes who were in fact, hardened criminals.

Our Hippie Ant-Vietnam War Protests Were The Most Intense 24.Aug.2016 04:28


What kept the whole thing moving from day to day was frivolity and entertainment. Certainly not neverending political dissertations. If you don't want to read it -- too bad. You have no choice.

Its Bob Marley's song 26.Aug.2016 13:46


and as again, your point is lost..

Yeah It Was Written By Marley, But That's Not The Point 28.Aug.2016 09:36


No I'm not into rock musicology.

And I guess I sometimes forget that other readers have lived very different lives than I have.

First off, otherwise ordinary people who steal cars, sell heroin, etc. do not form rock bands and then sing this song. However I did know a multi-millionaire dude who did started a rock and roll band and this was his very most favorite song. I've known many rock musicians, and several billionaires, and millionaires. Ive only known one multi-millionaire who started a rock group, sort of as a hobby. If you read lots of novels or watch lots of YouTube videos, you may notice that only bored people with lots of spare money could have created them.

Here's a funny thing I learned: Most super-rich people despise the police. I've seen them drive by cop cars in trucks with no license plates and nothing happened. I've heard them explain that the police were nothing more than dogs -- just guard dogs who work for them. And they like to sing about shooting the sheriff, etc. Perhaps this odd fact doesn't matter much to the average reader. But it yet seems relevant somehow, maybe a little piece in the big puzzle.