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A Vote For Hillary Is A Vote For All-Out Nuclear War

At least the gangster Trump is not for all-out nuclear war.
You fail to have strategic hedge simple score voting. You have only two "choices."

Maybe vote to live beyond sick Hillary's nuclear war?

Bill Clinton Sold Your Ass -- Now George Soros Will Buy It 20.Aug.2016 21:43


Yeah. All you "liberal" Demoncrats will vote for Thermonuclear War. Because it's the only other party?

Get strategic hedge simple score voting. Stop voting stupid?

More Entertainment Before The Grid Goes Down 20.Aug.2016 22:38


Sleepwalk - Santo and Johnny extended version

Yet More Entertainment! 20.Aug.2016 23:08


Live for now.

Live for ever. Or at least for now. The universe exists for you.

WAR - All Day Music (HD)

for poor 'ol blues 21.Aug.2016 00:42


Nine Reasons Why It Doesn't Matter Who Is President

from the 1982 album 'Nuclear War'
Sun Ra Arkestra

ya blues, "it's a motherf**ker"......

Mrs. Vladimir Putin (aka Donald J. Trump) 24.Aug.2016 19:24

gwai lo

Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, the bigoted coward who promotes the white supremacy delusion, Kellyanne Conway, who always resembles a hooker recovering from a night of cheap tricks and crack parties, are trying in a futile effort to prove that Mrs. Vladimir Putin is qualified to be the President, are trying to convey the message that Trump is a decent man. OH, Pleeeeze!
They continually postulate that Hillary Clinton has a conflict of interest with her foundation, which we know is a load of horse apples. Trump donated $100,000+ to her charity.
Let's hear the real truth why Donald J. Trump and his former associate, Paul Manafort, funneled almost three million dollars to lobbyists in Washington to promote Trump's policies, and for Manafort receiving $23.7 million
for helping Viktor Yanuvytch, a puppet of Mr. Vladimir Putin, to take control of Ukraine, and steal the Crimea region.
Why is it that Mrs. Vladimir Putin owes billions of dollars to Chinese creditors, while she is charging exorbitant amounts of money which he pays to himself, in one of his New York properties?
Why is it that Mrs. Vladimir Putin charges high amounts of rent to her renters and campaign staff of her Trump Tower?
All of Mrs. Vladimir Putin's tirades are nothing more than the usual Trump dog and pony show!
What is really amazing is that with all of the crap that pours out of hir mouth, she can still eat with it.

Don't worry, hir husband will show her where Crimea is on the map.

Hillary: "We came, we saw, he died" Would Putin Say That? 25.Aug.2016 06:23


The Russian economy has grown to be many times stronger since Putin came in. Can you say that about the NAFTA Clintons, neocon Bush, puppet Obama? Obviously not. Now we want the thermonuclear psychopath Hillary (who insisted on NAFTA, and who turned the Libya paradise into a smoldering open-air graveyard)?

Could anti-NAFTA Trump be any worse? See:

Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died