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Aquaponics: when industrial factory farming is sold as "green"

Local startup is peddling animal cruelty as sustainable solutions.
Aquaponics, a portmanteau of aquaculture and hydroponics, is peddled as a sustainable "green" solution to food self-sufficiency. In reality, fish are crammed into a small holding tank to provide nutrients to plants while they are eventually butchered and eaten as well.

In most cases aquaponics are dependent on electric energy and when there is any power outage all fish will die of lack of oxygen which must be constantly pumped into water.

A start up company in Saint Helens, Oregon, "Ingenuity Innovation Center" built a massive aquaponics laboratory operation and on October 2-5 it will be holding a training event for industrial farmers with Australian aquaponics leader Murray J Hallam, a notorious Christian fundamentalist doomsday prepper.

Animal cruelty has no place in "green economy" and "sustainable agriculture" and we must condemn this business built upon the sufferings of fish species.