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Clatsop county sheriffs dept. and Dhs child welfare is abusing my family.i can prove it!

Injustice does happen.False accusations are real.Children are removed from safe loving homes every day.Some are never returned.Police misconduct is a reality. Police sometimes lie.They make up false reports. Families are destroyed and our children suffer at the hands of a system that was meant to protect them.
Please, if you have a case in Clatsop county Oregon and were accused of abuse ,neglect or abandonment that DID Not occur and you can prove it.please share your story and file a civil rights complaint online with the dept of justice.If you were not accused of the above and were a victim of domestic violence and they took your children PLEASE share your story and FILE A Federal civil rights complaint online.Please protect our precious children from the wolves and theives at DHS.It is very real.