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Why Did You Compost These 2 Stories?

432940 - Compost - Democrat Party: Alliance of Wealthy Whites + Low Income Ethnic Minorities

432934 - Compost - Assange: WikiLeaks Puts Up $20K Reward For Solving July 2016 DNC Seth Rich Murder
please explain. Thanks

fuck corporate media 12.Aug.2016 08:29

a workerbee pdx-imc@resist.ca

www.washingtonpost.com is corporate media
www.nytimes.com is corporate media

reposting corporate media article is not what pimc is intended for
your corporate re-post still has presence on the web(site) but not on the front page or the newswire

portland indymedia editorial policy
#11. are reposted from corporate media outlets

xtra reading:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/07/322362.shtml

Thanks, I've posted here for 15 yrs and am aware of 'corporate media' 12.Aug.2016 21:00


How long have you been a "workerbee" at this IMC?

I'm well aware of the definition and role of corporate media, and its context / meaning to IMCs.

Since prior to Indymedia's existence.

( e.g. I was an organizing volunteer for several years at a community independent media library in the 1990s, in another state. Pre-internet. )


Despite the 2 mentioned stories happened to have been sourced from 'corporate media',

information in these two stories and their topics themselves, is not being widely reported or analyzed elsewhere.

Part of the mission of Indymedia, is to open up, distribute and SHARE access to information and ideas.

(in addition, reposting the text content of the articles themselves negates the need of an IMC user to click on the dreaded 'corporate media' website in order to access them)

So this is the essence, on certain occasions (NOT ALWAYS, but _occasionally_ ....) of Indymedia's role in providing and circulating information that can be of use to the activist and anti-corporate community.