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2016 Election keeps getting stranger and stranger ... CIA appears to be backing Hillary

I give out links showing this
CIA/Goldman Sachs Spoiler Candidate Evan McMullin (I call him "freakhead") Runs as a Ringer for Hillary Clinton

Father of Orlando shooter attends Clinton rally, touts candidate

I have heard that Mr. Mateen actually has ties to the CIA.

of course 10.Aug.2016 10:40


her husband was their biggest employer.

Why do you think 50 cia/nsa types came out against Trump? They will be unemployed if he is elected.

It's not a matter of sides when you control the game board. 10.Aug.2016 12:00

Tracy Mapes

Clinton Support by the Media is the kickback for Bill Clinton's 1996 Digital Millennium Act extending the entire HDTV Spectrum to existing broadcast entities for free.

The government control will be exercised upon any candidate, the difference between Hillary Clinton and the Donald is the number of contacts over the decades that can be leveraged due to past favors or force or fear.

Bottom line, is that Clinton can save them billions in forced cooperation within the Criminal Enterprise. It's a cost saving and leverage move. She can pull more levers than Donald, and she's already along with her husband, fully integrated in the Criminal Organization process.

What about that do you find strnage? 12.Aug.2016 12:55

Mike Novack

There are lots of "standard" Republicans who say they plan to vote for Hillary. That does NOT (necessarily) mean that Hillary's politics is a good match for theirs. It means that they consider the alternative Trump of be positively horrible.

That the CIA, that the generals, etc. do not want a loose cannon on deck should not surprise you.

WHY do you imagine that only those to the left have to make "lesser evil" decisions?

Actually, Hillary's "Politics" Is A Great Match For Any Fascist Scum 12.Aug.2016 15:00


Hillary is 100% USDA Grade "A" fascist.

Yes, I will vote for the mafia guy Trump.

Thank you.