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Clandestine Occupations Book Event Announcement

Book reading on August 25, 2016 7 pm at Broadway Books, 1714 NE Broadway Portland
Diana Block will read and discuss her new radical feminist novel, Clandestine Occupations. Based on lived experience, this suspenseful novel spans two generations of activist women moving from the passions of seventies to the awakenings of the Occupy movement and even beyond - to a boldly imagined insurgency of the future.

Diana is an active member of the California Coalition for Women Prisoners and the author of the memoir Arm the Spirit: A Woman's Journey Underground and Back.

See  http://www.broadwaybooks.net/event/diana-block-clandestine-occupations

homepage: homepage: http://www.broadwaybooks.net/event/diana-block-clandestine-occupations