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Is the Popular Vote In Elections Nothing More Than 'Mob Rule'?

Friday Jan 25, 2013 3:47 PM PDT


In the past few days there has been a great deal written about the Electoral College and whether some Republican efforts to change certain Blue States methods of assigning their Electoral Votes are cheating and stealing elections. Some GOP members are now referring the nation's changing demographics and to their emerging minority party status as being nothing more than being subjected to Mob Rule.

With the national GOP's blessing states like Pennsylvania, Florida, Virginia, Ohio and other blue states are considering assigning their state's EVs according to congressional district elections. Some say this is nothing more than an effort to cheat the popular vote.

In the spirit of snark, we should not be we be surprised if we soon hear that the GOP proposes a compromise in a bipartisan spirit.

Given the 'peculiar' nature of our presidential voting system, the GOP might propose that we adopt the following rule that combines the best of both approaches of the Popular Vote method and more traditional Constitutional Method that would warm a Founding Father's heart:
Electoral College Rule: A state's Electoral Votes shall be allocated by popular vote. East vote cast for a Republican candidate shall be counted as one vote, and each other vote cast shall be counted as three-fifths of a vote.

Hey, Fair is Fair!

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And What GOD Will Control We The People? Some Invisible Hand? 31.Jul.2016 14:12


God Himself?

Um no.

Democracy was achieved for a reason!

See --
Outrage Can No Longer Be Ignored:

I am a loyal part of the "mob"!

The Daily Kos Is Fascist CIA Anyway, Everybody Knows 31.Jul.2016 14:20


Why keep pretending you are not CIA Democrats?

The "East vote" is the only that will Count. 01.Aug.2016 17:10


Seriously folks, I want the mob to rule. East or West, I say that as part of the mob.

It takes only a cop to make a victim. But it takes a squadron to start a riot. Or less -- they are good at it.

Apologies to Black Lives Matter, but ...

cops target the abnormal, for they cannot defend themselves.
cops target the folks who are mentally challenged, for they cannot defend themselves.
Cops target the folks who have no place else to sleep, 'cause they cannot defend themselves.
cops target pet dogs, for they cannot defend themselves
cops target the helpless
cops target blacks
cops target any other 'race'
cops target anyone behaving outside of societal norms.
cops target anyone 'suspicious'

To that last item, I'm not prone to suspicion -- that is, I tend to trust. I've been in town for 64 years and my trust and faith in the other has served me well. Not that there has never been an issue... - Maybe I'm a fool or just lucky. Or good. Or maybe I'm just good and lucky.

Peace to all. May all the cops and folks with bad intent find a way to sleep well tonite. And the rest of sleep peacefully.