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Are the White Aryans the Master Race?

Debunking one of the most tired out right wing myths
Congressman Steve King Asks, Have Nonwhites Done for Civilization?

Representative Steve King, Republican of Iowa, questioned the historical contributions of nonwhite "subgroups" during an appearance on MSNBC on Monday...Frantic yelling ensued, with the panelists speaking over one another.

This is a repeat of the old Hitler argument that the White 'Aryan race' was the master race, as you could see by their advanced technology and by the fact that they had conquered most of the world during the phase of European colonialism.

Rather than yelling at each other, such a claim should rather be disputed by looking at some facts. One of the interesting examples is the contribution made by China, inadvertently, to European colonialism and the rise of technology in Europe. For Europe had entered into what became known as 'the dark ages' when religion forbid anymore investigations of the Greek sciences, something that was not turned around until the time of the Renaissance, which itself depended heavily on Chinese inventions made during the time that European invention and creativity was in the doldrums. Some interesting examples follow.

The following is a list of Chinese inventions, which were eventually imported to Europe during the time of Marco Polo, totally transforming the much more primitive white Aryan technology of Europe at the time.

Making paper from pulp 2nd century bc
Gun powder 11th century
Compass for navigation 11th century (based upon an invention dating back to 2nd century B.C.)
Wood block (200 B.C.) and then the moveable type printing press (11th century)
Earliest known book printed during the Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Rockets, including multistage rockets, and a precursor to the cruise missile in the form of flying rocket bombs Song dynasty (10th to 13th century)

These inventions were brought back to Europe by Marco Polo. The printing press revolutionized Europe in much the same way the Internet has become a transformative technology today, leading directly to the Reformation (in religion) and the Renaissance (rebirth of the Greek Sciences). It was gun powder and Chinese military technology which was to have the most profound impact on the world as, unlike the Chinese, Europeans used the technology to eventually invade and conquer almost every country on earth during the age of Imperialist colonialism. The compass also contributed to making this possible since it made navigation easier at sea.

Among mechanical developments related to the invention of the water wheel as a power source power-the Chinese invented the transmitting chain drive in the 11th century.

This was then followed by the invention of the odometer and the chain pump.
Invention of alcohol around 7000 bc (about 1000 years earlier than opther parts of world).
Chinese invented noodles around 4000 years ago, which were brought back to Italy by Marco Polo and then became identified as a staple of Italian cuisine.
Hydraulic powered bellows 2nd century b.c. using waterwheels to power a bellows on a blast furnace for smeliting metals
The mechanical belt drive used to power the spinning wheel in textile manufacturing about two thousand years ago
First invention of the creation of steel in the 6th cedntury A.D. Blast furnace powered by coke made from coal about one thousand years ago.
Color printing 14th century
Invention of canals with lock gates 2nd century b.c.
Dental fillings (tin and silver) about 1000 years ago
The loom for weaving, around 400 b.c. (not used in Europe until 17th century)
Inventin of petroleum lamps about 1000 years ago.
Helicopter rotary vertical flight, 400 B.C. (over a thousand years before the idea was sketched out by Leonardo Da Vinci). Was used as a children's toy.
Gliders (a form of manned kite) around 600 A.D.
The Chinese invented various forms of drills which allowed them to drill up to 1.5 kilometers underground. They drilled the first oil wells in the fourth century A.D. They also drilled for natural gas and built bamboo gas pipe lines, and invented the first carberator to mix gas and oxygen from the air prior to combustion.
Rotary fan (manual and hydraulic powered) about 1000 years ago, about six centuries before the first such device appeared in Europe.
Having first invented paper from pulp, the Chinese were also the first to invent toilet paper in the sixth century A.D. By the 14th century the Chinese were manufacturing many millions of packages of toilet paper annually.

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No, In Fact, White Aryans Are Not The Master Race 21.Jul.2016 20:21


Another waste of column space.

Master Race? 12.Aug.2016 17:10

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In one word -- QUACK!