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Are You A Statist? V2.0 : Malheur Refuge, Baton Rouge

so as one or two (??) readers may or not have noticed, the PDX IMC workers / editors whose overall efforts for this site I respect and appreciate btw recently decided that the 'Are You A Statist?' quiz  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/07/432740.shtml

was not worthy of primary Newswire placement but rather needed composting  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/07/432772.shtml

But as it turns out, the initial quiz topic was and remains a timely one.


Because as y'all also may remember, earlier this year a bunch of white separatists decided to take hostage a Federally administered wildlife refuge here in Oregon. Anyone who saw the several Newswire articles concerning that event months ago, will recall the comments (by unknown users..... some, naturally may ?? possibly have been professional trolls) strongly and enthusiastically urging U.S. government forces to blast them out by any means necessary (and tout de suite), which eventually did happen.

Now though, we have the Baton Rouge police assassin  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/07/432802.shtml who (among his other activities), as it turns out is a member of a Black nationalist sovereign group The Washitaw Nation :

Anyway back to the Statist quiz...

given the circumstances here is the feeling that the State, here U.S. government, responded appropriately according to the typical Portland Indymedia reader's wishes and (moral, ideological or otherwise) guidelines in each of these circumstances?

( yes it is understood that not everyone occupying Malheur was necessarily a sovereign citizen, and that they were a collective group force rather than a loner action. But the principal anti-government ideologies and mindsets remain identical, in their opposition to the reigning Federal government forces; and not being at all subject to the laws therein. )

So what do you think?

government forces fully justified in response, both cases?

two weeks later : crickets 30.Jul.2016 15:08


so no one (presumably ? even some of the ones vociferously "dirty rotten racist pigs 1!11!11!!1!!" advocating 'burn 'em all out' of the Malheur occupiers) has a response or commentary, observations on this contrast.

it is indeed interesting and instructive to see precisely how state action or its advocacy can be touted in select instances and/or when ideologically convenient.

crickets 23.Aug.2016 19:15

force feeding

give it up (crickets is right)
more force feeding of this (stupid) quiz on imc (again)

yep, and crickets again when the Malheur gang were acquitted 17.Nov.2016 10:33