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Video: Lac-Mégantic commemoration in Portland Oregon - Train Wreck Kills 47

An event was held around noon time in Pioneer Square, Portland Oregon on July 6th.
This was the third year that Portland has honored those that have lost their lives at the tragic oil train accident in 2013 in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec. This event was in memory of those 47 people and also served as a reminder to what danger lies in having oil trains in our communities.
Lac-Mégantic, Quebec commemoration in Portland Oregon was held on July 6 2016 - This is the third year that Portland has honored the 47 lives lost in the oil train disaster.

 https://youtu.be/C6TLRq4IxvM (Video 46:25 minutes)

Names of the 47 who lost their lives were read and music was played.
This event was at Pioneer Square.

"Tragedy struck in the wee hours of July 6, 2013, when a train transporting crude oil derailed and exploded, causing 47 deaths and the destruction of much of Lac-Megantic's downtown core."

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I started writing this song 10.Aug.2016 21:11

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Slow train burnin down the track. Slow train burnin the's no turnin back. Forty Seven dead in Lac-Magantic