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where's the BLOOD?

It ran down hundreds and killed almost 100- where's the blood?
not a drop!
not a drop!
nothing red around here either
nothing red around here either
just an old dresser and some clothes?
just an old dresser and some clothes?
where did that wooden platform in the truck come from?
where did that wooden platform in the truck come from?
bloodless scene!    destroying the front end evidence
bloodless scene! destroying the front end evidence
That truck in Nice ran down hundreds, killing 84. There's no blood on the vehicle at all. How can that even be? They claim cops shot the driver dead
in his seat, but dozens swear a gunman exited the truck and began shooting the crowd. Some witnesses say there were as many as four trucks involved. Look in the back of the truck- they also claim it was full of bombs and weapons but all you see is some blanket and some junked furniture.. Looks like garbage actually. If there were really weapons and bombs we would have seen pictures of them by now on CNN- guaranteed. And look how desperately they're trying to tie this driver to some Islamic terror network, even though his only known passion was body building. And he has the perfect dead patsy name too- Muhammed- he's just gotta be a terrorist with that handle. And where's the story and CCTV vids of the truck when it approached the non-existent "barricades" for the event? The real question is how the f*ck this huge truck wound it's merry way through blocks of cordoned off streets with police helicopters surveying the entire scene and every flic in Nice on high alert? The initial contact between the truck and the security hasn't really been explored. That truck was totally out of place in that critical security environment. If I turn out to be dead wrong about all of this I apologize but where's the blood on the death machine? Only a handful of pictures of the murder weapon on being allowed on Google right now and these are the best. Most have a police vehicle blocking the very front. Looks like authorities butchered the physical evidence but good. No front cowling or bumper anymore. Impossible to tell what it actually looked like. Sort of like like JFK's limo. But those doors should be bloody after all that carnage, shouldn't they?

Learning the Cant Language off Media Double-Speak 16.Jul.2016 16:31

Tracy Mapes

...in two-talk this is the entries you will find in the Dictionary.

Tunnel, significance? The death of Princess Diana which was staged by Interpol and her "Deep Cover" Movie consultant man toy Dodi Alfyad and producer of the FX and FX2 Movies and series which concentrated upon the faked deaths of several individuals. Unfortunately, Diana wasn't completely pleased with the arrangement enough to keep it to herself and outed herself to be a news anchor on FOX Network.

Tunnel Vision, single minded, or narrow focus.

Turf, an area seen by a street gang as its territory.

Turn, a change in times or events.

Turnout, a gathering of people as a meeting, a wider part of a narrow road allowing vehicles to pass safely.

Turnover, the number of times a stock of goods is sold and replaced in a given time period.

The tunnel is a metaphor for railroad, or gateway to another life, which means the 84 people were operatives that need an out for their new identities.

These people are not dead, and they will show up in society later on, under a new identity, cover, and mission.

It is a fake story, chosen for such purpose.

Learn the Cant Language - They use it like prisoners use kites.

for, tracey 16.Jul.2016 20:07

not ver careful

the 'new' crusades. Don't ya just love the show?

bullet holes 17.Jul.2016 00:49


And why the hell are all the bullet holes on the PASSENGER side of the cab?

back 17.Jul.2016 00:55


And there's no blood or gore to be seen anywhere on the back of the truck either. It looks fresh from the car wash for Christ's sake!

Hard to think where seeing people being sillier. 17.Jul.2016 10:34

Mike Novack

You think DIDN'T happen? Staged photos?


This is something reported as happening at a particular time and place when there would have been a great many people present. Don't you think that at least SOME of them by now would have been hitting the internet with "hey, I was there, no such things going on"

Or does your conspiracy theory no jump to "the population of Nice has been rounded up and sent to the camps"

If you are going to give us conspiracy stuff at least be sensible. Anything dependent on a great many people keeping a secret is nonsense.

Hit yourself in the head and say, "it isn't so!" Mike! 17.Jul.2016 15:34

Tracy Mapes

It was Staged.

By your own admission, the number of people in attendance.

Where are the cellphone Videos? Where are the bodies, and the ambulance load ups?

I was a Video News stringer for 10 years, the ambulance load ups were considered the "Money Shot".

About the end of 2003, they started running me out of business. In 2004 they stole all my equipment.

Since then, the cops, chp and sheriff have run off the other independents with traffic violations and j-walking tickets.

Why? ...Because they have no control of the content.

What you watched in Nice, Little France was exactly like a control demolition. Controlled.

Use the Two-Talk Language that I told about that the Media Uses.

@the word Nice, you will find in a single row in the Dictionary, the Words:

"New Deal", "Newspaperman", "nice", "Niger" (Racial Slur* Intent).

They are chiding "Me" for the information I released on the Media in the last 8 years.

If You hear of any Fire, between hear and Canada, take a look at the Fire's Name and/or Location, and go to the Dictionary, look it up, and on that line you will find that the Fire burns in My Name.

The Red 'X' Society

Ambulances is what I covered, Death and Destruction.


Video Manipulation Experience

Blood in the street 17.Jul.2016 18:33

Converse Murdoch

To answer the question in the title: There's some video at  link to beforeitsnews.com

I Am 80% Sure This Was Just A Deranged Individual 18.Jul.2016 08:53


Getting smashed by a truck does not imply that there would be much blood.

I think this one was a combination of an insane person and very lax security.

I've been to the beach at Nice. It is heaven.

Dear Blues...? 18.Jul.2016 15:31

Tracy Mapes

You do not trust voting machines on election day? No?

Television is like a Diebold Voting Machine running everyday for the rest of your life.

They show you exactly what they want you to see.

We have two Presidential Candidates offered up for our musing, and yet there is still no choice.

Yes. We really are that stupid.