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Are Radical / Progressive Leftists Pragmatist, Ideologue Or Something Else?

so based on this earlier newswire Question  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/07/432723.shtml
and this  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/07/432730.shtml (well worth reading, btw) deeper analysis,

it seems that so-called Leftism (after at least 15-20 years of post-911 corporate capitalist plutocracy going full bore, 8 years of it occurring under drone-happy African American president Obama) is in a major ideological crisis.

primarily because it is going absolutely nowhere. (Neither is Rightist ideology btw. Just look at the WNs, Lol. what a pathetic joke Not to mention the GOP but how can you Trump that?) The only thing ideologically going forward today, in human culture on Earth is corporate capitalist plutocracy. THAT, my friends is having fire sale success.

Today though we're going to ask an important epistemological and strategic question, for the future of Leftism and its struggle (however, and for whatever specific cause(s) that might ? be pegged or defined).

at their essential core, is a Leftist (whatever wing you choose radical / progressive; you select the degree) typically a Pragmatist or an Ideologue?

or, are they neither / something else entirely?
really looking forward to some intelligent and productive exploration of this question.

Please feel free to post your thoughts below, and also about the state of left activism today in the U.S. and globally.

If you are talking about ALL leftists 14.Jul.2016 09:04

Mike Novack

Some are primarily ideologues. Some are primarily pragmatists. Some are both, depending on context (for example, a CPer working as a union organizer might on a high level be ideologue, but choosing to work organizing workers a pragmatic approach, and within that area, primarily pragmatic). So your question doesn't make sense to me.

However, some ideologues consider other leftists who don't ascribe to their particular ideology not to be leftists. They might be able to give you an answer.