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#DontshootPDX organizers children's march, briefly blocks intersections

Around 200 people marched in the streets of North/Northeast Portland to demand police accountability
Around 200 people met at North Portland's Dawson Park to take part in a march organized by Don't Shoot Portland. The march briefly, blocking intersections along the way, traveled east to NE MLK Jr. Blvd and then back to Dawson Park via N. Vancouver Ave. Don't Shoot Portland organizer Teressa Raiford said before the march that police in riot gear were spotted nearby, though they did not appear during the march.

Some tweets of the event.

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I'm telling you guys if you want publicity? Occupy the TV Stations 14.Jul.2016 04:19

Tracy Mapes

...and never let them leave until they tell the Story.

Don't hope for coverage, make it a necessity.

Take Care,