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Cicada 3301 and the Cant Language?

Why You should learn the Cant Language to understand enemy communications in Media, Television and Politics.
by Tracy Mapes

SACRAMENTO,California--Cicada 3301 seems to utilize a Dictionary Key Code to Identify the source.

The Dictionary entries include the CIA as the head of the Cicada silhouette and other very interesting terms related to cryptology including: Cicada, Cicero who Caesar shared cipher encrypted messages, using the Cant Language of beggars and thieves it also includes: Cicatrix, which in Cant would be CIC A-Trix or A-Tricks - (Counter Intelligence Corp.) of the U.S. Army.

The cryptic 3301 also included the message "Web Browsers are useless here." - with an entry inside of the Cicada silhouette being Chrome a popular web browser and Meaning? Because the answer is in a book, Dictionary.

Other interesting inclusions are in the missing area of the Cicada wing on the right which circles RET and Sig, which I believe is to point to the Author of the Puzzle, being Retired Signal Intelligence Corp.Also Cilantro in Cant Language may be interpreted as Ci Lan Tro - or Cooperative Informant, LAN, and TRO Temporary Restraining Order).

But the Cant Launguage can also be easily misinterpreted. My Wireless at the time was from the neighbor's house Router Belkin_777 or Belkin_777_EXT.

Anyway, the way I found it was by being taught the Cant Language since 2011 by on air tv persons in the Sacramento area, and observance.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

You can find the Cicada 3301 silhouette and Key Code Dictionary here:  https://c2.staticflickr.com/8/7391/27333941493_93dd8e5f60_o.jpg

Breaking the Code of Silence 11.Jul.2016 14:01

Tracy Mapes

You can get a copy of a usable Key Code Dictionary here:

The Dictionary is 213 Mb so allow time for download.

This Code is used by the President of the United States, the Media, Politics and Broadcast Media of every speaker allowed to participate as a Public Spokesperson during any televised Incident, including Fires, Shootings, or News Interviews.

Learn It. Follow It. Then You Won't be So! Stupid, About the goings on in Your Country and Government Ever Again.

Dictionary Key Code - Basic Instructions to Teach Yourself the Cant Language

This is Not My System ... 11.Jul.2016 20:43

Tracy Mapes

It is indicative of broadcast television and secreted communications.

It's positives.

It can defeat any encryption software in detection.

It can be a mere secondary pointer to another code.

Widely broadcast on local and national networks, the
intended target audience may be the only one to decipher
the intended message correctly.

The cipher only requires a common dictionary, and has remained
consistent over many decades.

I did not create Cicada 3301, just noticed the correlation to the
Cant Language I began to learn in late 2010.

It is used the same as a Prisoner trying to send a kite out of
Prison, like and SOS signal.


The Negatives?

It means that the user is not at liberty to speak freely.

It is used by Police, Government, Entertainment and the Media.
This means they are engaged in secreted communications over
public broadcast channels, and it is information that is not being
shared with the general public.

I have seen it used as positive and negative in connotation, but
also notices a high degree of consistency in its use, except that
Media seems to do page turns as if the Reader/Viewer of the
programming were looking at the Dictionary. Amatures do it in
the opposite direction.

In both instances, the Target word is inflected, and the related
words lead in a line toward word.

Secrecy is of this nature is not healthy for Democracy or the Ideals
of a Republic.


I present this not to promote the practice's use, but to warn you that
it is presently in use, and that information can be gleaned from its

Ok!. ...Now the really bad part of Two-Talking. :/ 12.Jul.2016 09:03

Tracy Mapes

Many of the subjects are not aware that they are
performing the gestures, inflection and direction,
which suggests mind control subliminal suggested
thought and behavior.

Similar to having a song come to your mind without
relation or internal explanation.

I have seen the phenomenon occur in such speed
that known man based communications would not
be sophisticated enough to induce the real time use
of the English language which also suggests, very
dishearteningly that it is of a foreign or 4th dimensional
influence controlling the biological involuntary motor
functions of humans to provide a being without form
the ability to manipulate the human body for its own
communication purposes and has been in use for
thousands of years to control the rise and fall of
mankind and civilization itself.

This means an internal invasion of the human body
by a Ghost/Spirit either good or bad in nature,
that has the power to manipulate your person.

Either way, it is an invasion that cannot be
tolerated, as it is the most egregious act of
ruining mankind's last bastion of Peace. The
Internal or Eternal Self.

It makes your Life always feel as of 80% of
Itself as the very presence drains you. If you
ever escape i, you will know what it feels like
to truly be free again.

It also contains an open door to mind control/Security
Infrastructure Interrogation and Question, and constant
threats to a person's safety, freedom, or incarceration.

That is the Security Infrastructure's roll in mind control.

But, I feel they fear the Presence of "the Other", which
over they have no control. And that is their fear.

The understanding that this behavior is significant
in the engineering, warfare, and corruption of human

Just something I noticed after studying the phenomenon
over the past 5 years.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

I Know. Believe it? ...Or Not.