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9.11 investigation | police / legal

10 Dallas Police Shot, 4 Killed On 11th Anniversary Of London 7/7 Bombings

during (at tail end of) a Black Lives Matter demonstration.

or, something else...

And That Was The Last We Heard Of FBI/Hillary's Email... WHOOPS, SNIPERS IN DALLAS!

3 Male, 1 Female African Americans Pursued By Dallas Police For Sniper Killings 2016-07-07

Two Dallas Cops Shot In "Black Lives Matter" Demonstration 2016-07-07

Confirmed: 6 DPD Officers Killed, Worst Attack On USA Law Enf. Since 9/11 08.Jul.2016 01:05


six Dallas police officers are now dead as a result of the multiple-attacker sniper shootings.

4 suspects are presently identified. One has apparently killed himself by gunshot, as he was cornered/pursued by DPD in a parking garage.

A black female suspect is in custody.