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And That Was The Last We Heard Of FBI/Hillary's Email... WHOOPS, SNIPERS IN DALLAS!

so the Dallas sniper killings, at the close of "Black Lives Matter" rally in Dallas, Texas have provided the final nail in the coffin of Hillary Clinton's 'emailGate'.

3 Male, 1 Female African Americans Pursued By Dallas Police For Sniper Killings 2016-07-07

Two Dallas Cops Shot In "Black Lives Matter" Demonstration 2016-07-07
uncanny timing wouldn't you agree?

It's Obviously A Distraction. Just Avoid Dallas. Simple 07.Jul.2016 21:52


Since when has anything good happened in Dallas?

Time to get out if at all possible.

"Just Avoid Dallas" anyone recall provision of similar advice to JFK? 07.Jul.2016 22:01


it's all about precedent, yo