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3 Male, 1 Female African Americans Pursued By Dallas Police For Sniper Killings 2016-07-07

there are 4 suspects in the presently-happening sniper shootings follwing the "Black Lives Matter" demonstration tonight in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Police (DPD) suspects at this time consist of 3 male and 1 female, all African Americans.

Statement by DPD Chief Brown 07.Jul.2016 20:56


Tonight it appears that two snipers shot ten police officers from elevated positions during the protest/rally.

Three officers are deceased, two are in surgery and three are in critical condition.

An intensive search for suspects is currently underway. No suspects are in custody at this time.

We ask that any citizen with information regarding the shootings tonight call 214-671-3482.

4 Dallas police officers now reported dead. 07.Jul.2016 21:01


reports an 11th officer shot in gunfire exchange with a suspect within the last few minutes.

all of Downtown Dallas now an active crime scene 07.Jul.2016 21:05


- All of Downtown active crime scene.

11th officer shot.

Stay indoors. "Officer was engaging a suspect in gunfire. Being transported to Hospital. Shootout was in the last few minutes"

DPD scanner: " black male blue shirt by the front door " 07.Jul.2016 21:15


Multiple suspects being pursued by Dallas Police (DPD) teams and swat

12993 Jupiter "lot of random gunfire"

DPD Chief Now Reports BOMB Threat, and 2 Still-At-Large Snipers 07.Jul.2016 21:29


From police scanner :

"Two black males, white tee, SMU polo, dirty gloves"

"csd reports individual on the east side of the building possibly trying to set dumpster on fire"

video shows Dallas police officer shot dead. 07.Jul.2016 22:53


An unedited, extremely graphic bystander video provided to KDFW and played on air appeared to show a deadly shootout between a suspect in Thursday's shooting in Dallas and a police officer.

The video, credited to Randy Biart, shows a figure dressed in civilian attire carrying what appears to be rifle crouching behind pillars and firing shots. A second individual, wearing what looks like a police uniform, enters the screen and several shots are fired as the first person runs toward him.

YT: here is the KDFW / Biart video excerpt of DPD officer being shot dead 07.Jul.2016 23:00


excerpt from the ^above 3-minute video, showing the moment where the officer gets fatally shot

video from the parking garage 07.Jul.2016 23:15


earlier in the shooting events

"a SNIPER?!!? He shot four cops?!"