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Two Dallas Cops Shot In "Black Lives Matter" Demonstration 2016-07-07

two police officers were shot by a suspect who was reportedly carrying a rifle this evening.

at least one other person in addition has been reported shot, while the suspect with rifle is being pursued by police.
further details as they emerge

Local witness claims "three" cops were shot by unknown shooter 07.Jul.2016 19:58


Interview video linked below ~ 2 mins.

He claims that the shootings started, after the BLM demonstration was over and he/other protesters were leaving the scene.

someone "just started shooting".... "it was only [at the] cops"

Suspect shooting it out with SWAT in El Centro building 07.Jul.2016 20:00


shooter has rifle

police are calling for backups, and armor / ballistic shields

"Multiple assailants" reported on police scanners 07.Jul.2016 20:03


4 suspects. 3 males 1 female. Multiple calibers have been found. This is from the mouth of a swat officer


Black male, camoflauge shirt, black shorts, armed with AR-15, driving a red Suburban, walked from the McDonald's parking lot

'DART' = Dallas Transit police officers were the ones shot down 07.Jul.2016 20:29


1 Dallas Transit police officer reported dead

3 others with non life threatning injuries

Whoever this was, targeted the Dallas Transit police at the scene of the Black Lives Matter demonstration, as it was concluding this evening.

a shooter is now being apprehended 07.Jul.2016 20:34


eyewitness Jamal Johnson on CBS-DFW says he saw it from the beginning.

Shooter started from high in the parking garage, "pop, pause, pop, pause, pop pause..." Two cops went down, then the rest of the cops returned fire. Protesters at the scene pointed other officers the location of the shooter, then started running.


Black male with body armor and camouflage gear

2 snipers, 10 officers shot, 3 dead, 2 in surgery 07.Jul.2016 20:36


from CBS-DFW:

shooters consisted of 2 snipers.

10 Dallas PD officers shot, 3 officers dead, 2 in surgery

more on the recently apprehended-arrested suspect: 07.Jul.2016 20:39


0ne guy just gave himself over to the cops. (black male with body armor, camouflage gear ^^ see above post)

Supposedly he was just standing in the crowd with some type of body armor on. Nobody knows if he had any association with the shooters.

DPD (police chief's statement) confirms 10 officers shot, 3 dead - 2 in surgery - 3 critical

They were shot by 2 snipers.

no suspects in custody, and search still under way.

police scanner: "Have 15 witnesses in basement, pinned down." 07.Jul.2016 20:43


This is from the DPD police scanner link above.

Apparently at this time (8:45 PM PST) there are at least 2 shooters still at large.

even downtown, the police and many persons who took cover after the shooting started right at the end of the demonstration are still taking cover.

Dallas Police have 4 African American suspects: 3 male, 1 female. 07.Jul.2016 20:50


these are the suspects currently being pursued.

at least 2 (two) of the above, are snipers.

They have killed 3 DPD officers, sent 2 to surgery and shot a total of 10.

I Don't Live In Dallas. There's A Reason 07.Jul.2016 21:38


So what?

If the Hillary gets in, WE WILL ALL BURN TO DEATH.

Never mind "Dallas".

Don't like it? Get out of there.