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How I Got Caught Up with Crisis Actors ...and Didn't Even Know.

Between the years of 1995 and 2005 I was a Freelance News Stringer in Sacramento County, California. I had become very proficient at gathering video of local crime, fire, and accidental breaking news for all of the local TV stations, yet, I had no idea that I could get caught up in a Crisis Actor scenario.
I knew in 2004, that someone in town wanted to put me out of business when I lost all of my camera equipment in early 2004.

This is a video I shot with back up equipment, and as the story was relayed to me, it appeared that a young Black tow truck driver was a citizen hero for saving a local little girl from an alleged abduction attempt by a man trying to enter her parent's home backyard.

I had just left a TV station from dropping off footage, and was on my way home when the call came out. I always had a weird feeling about this story, that something just wasn't right about the scene, the people there, and the way I was able to capture the arrival of the Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept.

I was about 2 and 1/2 miles away, and exited freeway Business 80 at El Camino Ave and jumped on a Northbound street straight to the scene.

When I arrived, there were people milling around yelling, and wasn't quite sure what to make of the activity, and a man named Marcus Dennis had a disheveled looking White male adult pinned to the ground.

Family members claimed that the man had tried to abduct their child from the family's backyard, and that quick thinking tow truck driver Dennis was able to apprehend the man before he escaped.

Sheriff's from Sacramento County's 2500 Marconi Facility arrived moments later, and took the man into custody.

I videotaped the scene and sold the story to some of the local TV stations, and didn't think to much about it, except for the strange feeling that something wasn't right with the story?

I thought in light of the reported heroic actions of Mr. Dennis that he should have been recognized for his efforts by the community but never heard anything of that nature transpire, as they seem to have a habit of recognizing people who made extraordinary efforts in the past, and thought they may have passed Dennis over for being "BlacK".

In 2008, I posted the video and story on Youtube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GM-Zwx1j4Io in hope that Dennis would receive some recognition in light of his efforts, and the video became one of my most popular uploads being seen over 250,000 times, all over the World in about 160 Countries.

It was until today, July 6, 2016 that I noticed something unusual about the video, and decided to take another look at it after receiving an e-mail notification that someone had commented on the video.

That's when I noticed the resemblance of Marcus Dennis to some actor in a Black sitcom I had seen on TV before.

I wondered if they could be the same person, and took a screenshot of Dennis, and found a picture of the 'Black-ish' TV sitcom actor known as Anthony Anderson, and tried to do a teeth comparison in Adobe Photoshop, to make a positive identification as I have done several times in other cases in the past.

And, I am sad to report that it looks like I may have reported a false, manufactured story in or about 2004, as my findings seem to show that Marcus Dennis is the same individual as Actor Anthony Anderson.

So? ...I guess you can see why they (Law-Enforcement) are running freelancers out of business? ...using traffic tickets and jay-walking tickets to push them out of the picture.

They appear to have been preparing for false news stories ever since the War on Terror was conceived, and they do not want independent evidence of review on any of their operations.

So that's the story.

No freedom of press, no freedom for me, and to get killed out of the picture just like my sister Oct. 2, 2015.

That is the reward for knowing.

Take Care, Tracy Mapes

P.S. - I wonder how many other people's face I captured on video over ten years that are also not supposed to be seen?

News Video Demo - Tracy Mapes - News1st

Animated GIF Facial Comparison and Teeth Match

Marcus Dennis and Actor Anthony Anderson.
Note*- The Image of Anderson in Inverted Horizontally for purposes on Camera Angle,
so you will also notice the Teeth Match but are in Reverse Order.

Comparison Image 06.Jul.2016 20:42

Tracy Mapes

Tow Truck Driver Marcus Dennis and Actor Anthony Anderson