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Is Trump Really The Antichrist?

Don't laugh...
Nostradamus says the Antichrist wears a blue turban and comes from the East. At first Trump appeared in a peaked blue baseball cap that looked a lot like a turban from a distance. Nostradamus never saw a baseball cap back in the 1500's. Trump got tipped off and now wears a white hat. He also comes from the East: New York City. He questions the religious values of all who oppose him and uses racism, hatred and deception to control his admiring hordes, who worship the flaming ground he treads. All through written history great thinkers and lazy sods have pondered the mystery of the Antichrist. Who could it possibly be? You would have lost a lot of money if you had bet on some of the main contenders. Saladin was the top vote getter during the Holy Crusades. He fit the bill pretty well: Hated Christians and did all he could to rid the neighborhood of them. Then of course there was The Pope. Which pope? Take your pick. There were quite a few who embodied the epitome of corruption and evil, who presided over mass murders, Vatican brothels, and pogroms and witch hunts ad nauseum. Surely one of these guys had to be the EVIL ONE. Not so fast. Here comes Napoleon and Lenin and Hitler. Each one desperately outdoing the other for the ultimate glories of hell. But if you really think about it, in order for this Antichrist to really have all the power at his disposal that Nostradamus and the Prophet Daniel predicted, the authority to entrap the entire planet in a vengeful reverie of self annihilation and geo-suicide, he's gotta be the President of the United States. No one else on planet Earth has that much juice. If Satan comes a knockin' to enslave us all at once, he's going to show up as Commander in Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces and have the last word on who gets nuked and when. The joke is on us. Christianity is always looking toward the Islamic world for that "Eastern Turbaned Guy" the Antichrist. But would Satan return as some Prime Minister of Iran or Saudi Arabia? A turbaned terrorist a la' Bin Laden or Sadaam? Been there Done that. You can't just label someone the Antichrist and hope it sticks. Actual politicians are too smart for that one. Politicians can't get away with f*cking up over and over again. But a non-politician like Trump could give a flying f*ck about those components of a campaign. What we see as his "screwing up" is just his methodology at work. Dropping little racist remarks and tweeting clips from Nazi websites are his dog whistles for the morally challenged miscreants that are buying into his schtick. And a schtick it is too. Trump owns the biggest office building in N.Y. Where is it? 666 5th Avenue. Real Christians had better wake the f*ck up and fast. The end is nearer than we may think. But don't count on those Evangelicals to recognize Beelzebub as they crawl into bed with him. Notice how the press goes along with Trump's "crooked Hillary" rant, continually focusing on Clinton's lame e-mail crap while letting a true criminal like D.T. off the hook on everything from fake worthless diplomas to major Mafia ties. Blame CNN- They took him seriously and brainwashed the masses into taking him seriously too. Thank Herr Blitzer. go here: www.hypertexts.com/Donald Trump 666.htm

right url 05.Jul.2016 17:23


sorry it's www.thehypertexts.com/Donald Trump Antichrist 666.htm

666 05.Jul.2016 17:25


oh yeah- "Trump Tower" is exactly 666 feet high.

Lol, rofl 05.Jul.2016 19:45


Who's afraid of the big bad Trump, now

below is what is going on / what you need to read-be aware of:

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