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Save my Baby from returnig to an abusive father

An unfair, unjust Court Order that will return a 7 year old child to a pedophile father who has an active Domestic Violence protection order that was suppose to protect mother and child from threats and Domesic Violence..child will be ripped from arms of mother Saturday july 9th at 10am from Newberg OR police station
Only in America does a Mother trying to protect her baby special needs Son from a Domestic Violent, neglectful, pedophile father, get an unfair, unjust, court order to return her baby boy that she fled for her life and her sons life from Alaska to Oregon, where she received an uncontested protection FAPA order seeking safety by law, to Return the son to an environment where he is unsafe and given back to a pedophile. I had a hearing for interim custody until the custody hearing set next month where the neglectful pedophile father showed up with a high priced lawyer while the mother was taken by surprise with no representation and no way to call all witnesses or submit evidence that she had over the phone. The judge told Mother not to reference the protection order and allowed untrue fabricated evidence to be submitted even though it was objected as a lie. Oregon failed to protect the child under the protection order and gave Alaska the power to pull the child from protection and his mamma, the child is afraid to return to his father and Alaska and is seeking counseling for his fears. My son is thriving in Oregon and is getting help with his special needs care. My sons neglect consisted of bad skin rashes all over his body from fecal matter scratched into his skin from the mold and mice infested living conditions by the pedophile violent father and no sanitary bathing or brushing habits. My son was not receiving adequate food and was super skinny and pale white. The pedophile domestic violent father threatened me to return the child to him so he would not lose tax benefits and the child's PFD and the violent father said he would kill me if he had to pay child support and kept me afraid and scared if I didn't return the child or else. The child now has lots of family members he was kept from meeting up in Alaska for support and a loving safe happy home. He loves his bunny he named Princess Daisy and His special needs care has improved and his skin condition has improved greatly. Please help us Keep my Son safe and in Oregon with his loving Family and mother. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Mother fight for a lawyer to keep her and her son safe. I would like to share my story to America!!

everybody 05.Jul.2016 21:30


Everybody sez this shit when they lose a custody battle. Who knows who is right and who is just grandstanding for free on some damned blogspot? Send you $$$$$? Post some pics of your trailer and dogs and '77 Toyata first. Need some PROOF here before signin' any checks.

hopefully this can help you. 23.Jul.2016 22:46

mrs x

a note about the Violence Against Women Act.
"The Full Faith and Credit (FFC) provision of VAWA requires that protection orders issued in one jurisdiction must be recognized and enforced in other jurisdictions. The effective enforcement of protection orders across jurisdictional lines is vital to the safety of victims. The National Center on Full Faith and Credit (NCFFC) was created in 1995 to support the implementation of the FFC provision of VAWA. The office also addressed federal legislation on firearms prohibitions related to domestic violence."
- it looks like the judge or others may have violated this Act by refusing to recognize your protection order.
- seek out an attorney who specializes in helping women with this. The following page or pages may give your atty or a judge more insight or resources regarding the laws and how to protect women and children against abusers in family courts.

It is becoming increasingly evident and proven that millions are effected by the false myths which abound regarding battered women and thier TRUTHFUL accusations against battering spouses/boyfriends. Unfortunately mythology took root endemically in the courts to perpetuate an extremely damaging and deadly lack of supportiveness for these victims. It appears the abusers have been very busy getting their say and their way with the so called court professionals. This is beginning to come to light and there are champions and experts now fighting these crimminal factions. Millions of victims have been killed or seriously damaged for life by these unethical and misinformed courts, who have been handing vulnerable children over to known documented abusers,tearing the terrified kids away from the, understandably, very distressed mothers.
A movement is underway to right these heinous and criminal wrongs that are way too prevalent. Your judge and court may be uninformed and behind the times, still adhering to a devastating mythos that is wreaking havoc on childrens' and mother's lives quite literally.
Here are a few links:
 link to stopabusecampaign.com
 link to crewjanci.com
 link to www.womenslaw.org

"What Can I Do if the Respondent Violates the Restraining Order?

You can call the police. The officer must arrest the respondent if there is a good reason to believe a violation has happened. The respondent can be charged with contempt of court. If found guilty of contempt, the respondent can be fined, placed on probation, or put in jail. It is best that you carry a copy of the restraining order with you at all times and that you not contact the other party. A restraining order does not guarantee your safety. You can take other steps to stay safe. A domestic violence or sexual assault program can help. For information, go to our family law resources and look for "Oregon Judicial Department Family Law".

If the police are called to make an arrest, they are required by law to do so if they have "probable cause" to believe that the restraining order has been violated. The restraining order also sets a bail, usually $5,000, for violations of the order. If the restraining order is violated, you should call the police and have the abuser arrested. After being processed at the jail, the abuser could be released without posting bail if he or she appears likely to reappear in court. A condition of the release will probably be that the abuser does not have any contact with you. Otherwise, the abuser will be held in jail until 10 percent of the bail is paid, or until the bail is lowered in a court proceeding, or until a hearing has been held on whether or not the restraining order has been violated. If the person who has abused you is arrested for violating the restraining order, a court hearing may be set to have the person found in "contempt of court" for violating the restraining order, or criminal charges can be filed. If the respondent is found in contempt of court, the maximum punishment could be a fine and/ or up to six months in jail. Other possible punishments could be a warning, probation, a suspended sentence or a sentence of less than the maximum. Your local district attorney is required to represent your interests at the contempt hearing if you cannot afford to hire your own attorney. "

Good luck sister! keep seeking more info and more help including legal help, pro bono legal, or lawsuits on contingency, in which you do not have to pay attorney fees. Read up on this subject too.