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U.S. flags burned in downtown Portland during Fourth of July firework display

A brief recap of the events
Here are a few pics of last night's Waterfront fight for the flag. Several flags were captured before a flag was eventually burned. One of the people trying to stop the flag burning apparently got clubbed with a flashlight, resulting in a bloody mess on his face. Multiple people were pepper-sprayed by the flag burners. I was hit by the pepper-spray but not directly (thank goodness! Although my eyes were burning bad for awhile).

Here is a link to some twitter video as well as another video of the incident.



homepage: homepage: http://twitter.com/itsmikebivins

2 minute Video is on YouTube 05.Jul.2016 16:46

Simon Says

YouTube video link incorrectly says this was at "Seattle's Waterfront Park"

It was actually at --> Portland Waterfront Park

"USA: Fists fly as 'cowboy' nationalists fail to stop anarchists burning US flag on 4th of July"


I dunno 05.Jul.2016 17:35


I think I'd rather have that "cowboy nationalist" next door to me than that ugly zombie looking guy in the long run. Flag or no flag. Burning flags is for pussies anyway. Big brave deal. All arsonists are scumbags. Looks like a Misfits fan- yipes!

Arson is just a communication tool. 05.Jul.2016 17:51

Red 'X' Society

...it says, "Don't do that anymore."

Back on Point, this looks like that same faggy fake shit that they staged in Sacramento, at the State Capitol between some "Purported White Supremacists. More government sponsored terror.

I'm really beginning to think that there are no real people in this country anymore.

it says 05.Jul.2016 21:26


It says BANG! drop that lighter! Yeah- they could be fakes. Anything is possible these days. Free crack and motels for turncoats and trolls?

Burning The Stupid Flag Does Not Mean Shit 05.Jul.2016 23:19


Flags are political footballs. If you are a real patriot, you are not bound to some goofy flag. You are bound to your homeland. This is why... a lot of things. If you can tell the difference.

Flag trash-n-burnin' is so 90s 05.Jul.2016 23:50


click the 9.11 investigation

link at left of the main page. You'll see why this ideo-symbological obsession with Stars/Strips is illusory.

after the events of 11 September 2001 it is your (U.S.) government that holds a 24-7 death grip on your throat. Ready to start shaking that off? Grow up and get over the futile spectacle of flag burning.

recount 07.Jul.2016 15:39


The guy with the "King" shirt was off to the side with his wife and daughter, he was talking about how he wanted to hurt people for burning the flag. When the altercation began he got closer (with his daughter and wife). When the tug-of-war sparked he jumped right into the middle of the conflict and that's when he got maced along with another one of the big guys.

Off to the side now, "King"'s wife was trying to get him to stay with her. After his eyes were washed out he was very intent on seeking out the person who had maced him, (who appeared to have already left). The dude in the first and second picture with the "Dickim" hat was falsely pointing out one of the peeps in black, saying it was them who had maced "King". After a brief lull the moshpit began again, and that's when "King" was hit and two of the big guys including "Dickim" were maced in self-defense. Again, their eyes were washed out and dialogue was had, making it clear that a supporter of the peeps in black was the one helping them with basic firstaid.

Unfortunately the dialogue was short lived and conflict ensued again as a few more intense-eyed people joined the fray because they were very emotional about the US flag trying to be burned. To this observer it was a difference of meaning of that symbol: for the peeps in black it represented a corrupt government and revolution, and for the big guys it was a part of their identity. Interestingly enough there was commonality along anti-government sentiment on both sides.

RE: " commonality along anti-government sentiment " 09.Jul.2016 22:39


did it ever occur to you, 'b', that many who still have a modicum of personal ? "respect" for the U.S. flag are absolutely disgusted by and abhor what their government does in its name?

i.e. not to somehow 'respect' those persons' "feelings" but the simple concept (for you and others to grasp...) that, 'burning' of a flag may not symbolize what you perhaps "think it does".

sure there is the 'deep' history of the U.S. flag and also this nation. What it did to Native Americans, African Americans, women etc.

but the flag itself, and burning of it by 'revolutionaries' in 2016 particularly after the events of 11 September 2001 and the corporate capitalist plutocracy which took over in its wake and reasserted itself in the Wall Street multibillion dollar bailouts of 2008 may not have the effect or inherent 'meaning' it had during the Vietnam era, all the way up through 1990s-Battle In Seattle.

we indeed live in different times now. Flag burning ain't what it used to be.

( imho it's a sophomoric and pointless waste of time which only mildly ruffles some personal feathers of 'conservatives' and has absolutely zero meaning to the corporate capitalist plutocratic global elite which control the USA today )

song for those who burned flag on July 4th (+ where-whenever else) 23.Jul.2016 12:37


James Brown (from 1972 album 'There It Is')

Living Colour (from their 1991 album 'Biscuits')

written by James Brown and Bobby Byrd