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on giving to the dangerous poor

practical humanity
I was walking through a bad section of town when I was approached by 2 raggedy, dirty men asking for a handout. One white guy, one Mexican. Generally I try to share, if I have something to spare I will share it. But here I was, old and gray, hobbling along on my walking cane, and to give them any money I would have to get out my money and open it in front of them. A questionable endeavor.
One of the men left and continued walking up the street. I stood there talking to the other guy a couple minutes til the one got a distance away. That left my gray old self with only one man to think about.
As it happened I was out looking for sticks. Since I have been using a cane myself I have started making them. I was out looking for materiels and I had my saw with me, the handle of it sticking out of my shoulder bag. The saw can have an ugly bite, which I have learned the hard way. So here I am, I got a big stick, a mean saw and a little bag of money.
That's three things for the guy to contend with and he only has two hands. So I got out the bag and took out a couple bucks for him. And that was the end of that.
The moral of the story is: don't be mean, but don't be stupid.


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i like you old man 24.Jul.2016 01:44

mrs x

dude, you are wise. And resourceful with free materials. Hint, hint. anyone else taking hints?
Please, keep advising the rest of us. We don't have council fires but we have the internet to gather round.