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Serious Violation of USA v. PDX police brutality settlement

Charlie Hales arrested proxy scapegoats for the #ODeaFour to distract from his own criminality. His abuse of Power needs to be checked.
Serious Violation of USA v. PDX police brutality settlement agreement yesterday.
---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: mary rose lenore eng
Date: Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 5:12 PM
Subject: Mary Eng here on the Arrest for ADA Advocacy/Providing Medical Care with Charlie "coverup" Hales
To:  jfox@mpdlaw.com, "Brown, Adrian (USAOR)" , "Geissler, Jonas (CRT)" , David Kif Davis , Portland Copwatch , Jo Ann Hardesty , Joe Walsh ,  Mary_Austad@ord.uscourts.gov,  Ellen.Osoinach@portlandoregon.gov, Commissioner Fritz ,  rod.underhill@mcda.us, Maxine Bernstein ,  constantin.severe@portlandoregon.gov, Katie H , BANFIELD Glen , Amy Watson , "Rosenbaum & Watson, LLP" ,  vanita.gupta@usdoj.gov

Serious Violation of USA v. PDX police brutality settlement agreement yesterday.

Question for Judge Simon: if i write Oisinach and let her share it with city attys, does that overcome the ex parte issues for reporting to Judge SIMON?

If Joe Walsh files for a violation of the Injunction, is that a separate issue upon which i can commentate?

in the Proxy Scapegoat #ODeaFour arrest
Hales of course didnt need to arrest himself or a proxy for himself as he is in denial about being the fifth of the #ODeaFive.

So pleased you will be helping, please send all correspondence including bus tickets for all meetings with you and court appearances.

I am considering going Pro Se at some point, especially if we don't click.
But i think we will.

Jane Fox, No hard feeling on forging my signature in court today, just yet.
Just don't let it happen again, procedure is important.

BUS TICKETS for as many appointments as i can have with you b4 court July 14.

as many appointments as possible

I will have a trial by Jury and want all officers involved and Charlie Hales under subpoena and Amanda Fritz, Fish, Saltzman, and Novick.
I want Joe Walsh David kif Davis Bob West and officers Leisure, Engstrom, Walz, etc on the stand.
I want a speedy trial. I mean ASAP while i am still in Pain.

Michael Cohen whom i am clearly trying to help, from G4S and the other one from G4S who likes Patsy Cline subpoenaed as well.

I want Crime Victims Compensation and consider this a Tort Claim Notice for Civil oregon court, as well as US Federal Civil Rights ADA case (more generous statute of limitations than crime-friendly Oregon revised Statutes).

I want this to be drug on for as long and as much money as Portland City Coffers want to shed money to lawyers and stenographers and embarrass themselves instead of feed the poor, or tell me why they let Benjamen Pickering's brutality case fester and abuse my pro bono advocacy for three long exhausting life-threatening years.

I want ADA accommodations in court.
I have video evidence of Mayor intaking my physical injuries from Ben Pickering assault June 2, which demonstrate why inflicting Brutalizer Engstrom on me was a set-up for disaster and maximum brutality.
I want to know how long Walz has been on the job and why she tightened my cuffs when i asked for them to be loosed.

If anybody, who is not easily fooled, including Rod Underhill want to drop charges, Michael Cohen has agreed to have charges on Laura Vanderlyn dropped. So he may help with mine as well, as i believe we are friends.

I WAS TRYING TO SAVE THE CITY MONEY IN MORE G4S brutality lawsuit, re: exclusion of Joe Walsh.
You can see my medical sensitivity and conflict negotiation in action.

The Brutality at this time starts with the Police, who have left me in a lot of pain.

Judge Michael Simon, as your assistants explained today, please may i have in writing what communication is/is not ex parte and if i can keep city attys in loop, will that evade the ex parte problem, help an amicable outcome for all including DOJ.

City Attys know i publish all letters for de facto transparency, unlike Hales reels of coverup and secrecy, so any letter to Simon will always be on my blog

I want the 911 call audio on a soundcloud uploadable file for my soundclound and blog.
I want the transcript of the 911.
I want to know why Joe Walsh was threatened to "Turn Me in" (for unknown crime) for his charges to be dropped
I want to know who DA is at every level and who supervising this malicious witch hunt proxy scapegoat prosecution.

i want all video evidence of the overhead cameras, the security cameras, etc.

I want to know why Engstrom made a false charge on me, at my arrest, a very serious allegation we will discuss in person. if that was in 911 call and originated with Charlie "coverup" Hales lying on 911.

Ms. Fox the indictment is a LIE, based on a series of lies. I was trying to render medical aid to Lone Vet and Kif. So please, can we get a better charging instrument?????

trying to practice natural leadership without a license?
trying to hub a transparency initiative

here are some links to my "Crimes" of speaking on ADA at council


waiting for paramedics and assisting G4S not maim Joe Walsh again after his maiming and stitches at the new Chief Marshman swearing in Monday.

trying to protect David kif Davis (from G4S security) who identifies as mentally ill during his outburst about child sex trafficking

Arresting Mary Eng at portland City Hall for her conflict negotiation advocacy for Disabled veteran

mr. Severe i want to know if this email constitutes enuf info to open up a case or would you need me to fill out the IPR template I will discuss injuries from my arrest later.

phone: phone: 5035770963