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2016 U.S. Presidential Election Campaign: One Big Psyop?

so at this point this "sh**show of a non-campaign" has got both left-leaning and right-leaning Americans,

not only at each others' left v. right throats but also, as you (whatever at all political view of you-who-reads-these-words) may have noticed as well, at each others' left v. left _and_ right v. right throats as to the viability of the 2 major corporate party candidates.

All this, in addition to the purported efficacy of casting a vote for one or the other (aka "hold your nose", 'lesser of two evils' etc.)

Sure, prior to this we all on 'both sides of the aisle' have had some awareness that it is indeed the One Corporate Party, yes. (illusory '2 parties') Acknowledged. We knew this beforehand. To at least some degree.

But, 2016 is naked aggression with the mask off. No-clothes emperor this time.

Please cite a U.S. presidential campaign where such a protracted dilemma has been presented in years past?

I think this one is unprecedented. Which makes me (and perhaps others) wonder, was this completely orchestrated from the outset? as a mass divide-and-conquer psychological operation on U.S. citizens.

the "9/11" of Presidential campaigns?
Trump and the Clintons have a political and private heritage of their own which goes back decades, among the Eastern U.S. political establishment circles.

is it possible there was some sort of 'smoky back room' pre-planning or agreement about what we see unfolding at present

in the interest of absolute divide and conquer of the U.S. populace?

because divide and conquer as of July 2016 has certainly been accomplished. Just look at internet discussions, particularly since the dropout of Sanders from the Democrat side as a viable candidate.

And as mentioned above, I am not talking about just the Left. Right wingers are just as fractured and divisive amongst themselves over their presumed nominee.

yep 03.Jul.2016 15:10


"Please cite a U.S. presidential campaign where such a protracted dilemma has been presented in years past?"

I can't think of anything like this in the past 40 years. Not even close. In some ways I hope it's a PSYOP just so I can regain a tiny bit of faith in the average american.