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Radical Puppet Show

compensation: Tbd performance
Hey there what's up. I'm interested in starting a puppet show. Radical type, challenging.welcoming, occupy style . More than tents.but the character the intention the working group feel. Train riding perspectives and sounds.from the gutter. Julia.butterfly redwood tree holding hug.style rainbows.with kitchens to feed masses. Diligent academics with facts.resources and sturdy arguments. Satirists. Profanity crude. Family relevance. Community.relevance! Looking for some inspired active type people to.co create and give this shared space some diversity variety fresh thought and energy. Strength. Hoping to attract a crew for art making brain storming and accountability, show up. Build something. Take it out there to perform. You.know.what to.do :)
Hey y'all,

First off, kudos to you and Thanks!, for looking into my article :) There are three of us so far, Kevin, Michael and myself Jes. This is the thread which begins some creative community process. Please come join our internet based forum. Its in email so far but it might change forms. Its a nice space for these conversations and brainstorming,, since physically meeting may be a few weeks out for scheduling and life stuff. Sorry. But cheers for it all!

So, let's get down to it! :)

Some background? ... I'm from North Carolina. I grew up there from ten -26,.. and came out to California a few years ago. I'm new to Portland Ive only been here a month. Im staying with a friend, recovering from a professional glitch. Biomechanical strained injury with massage therapy. So I'm moving forward slowly. With care. Letting time stay round and keeping my life close to the earth.

I'm in the perfect place to invite a salon that can foster some very healing magical ideas, networks, effects!

My dad and family are in San Mateo, I grew up flying out to see them every year since I was 2. 2-10 was spent in a small island town in New England, a home to the elites of the nation, a destination place of the wealthiest folks in the world. So - results are - A huge impact of surveillance state airplane culture, and a class awareness - a functional understanding of deep interrelation of the service class to the highrollers. Humble more than obstinate. Insight to deep interconnectedness. I moved to the south and learned about African-American cultural experience. Its differently similar there. California gave me some relationship to diversity. But in most places, theres not a lot of language available that can pull it together honorably, for both sides all sides to face it, in most places, without flinching just toward separatism. There's a lot of layers to the dynamics of our historical capitalist journey. I did a fair amount of studying on Marxism and revolution in college, active with different protests and learning the back to the land traditions. Love concepts like rewylding. Shocked that human civil rights are still at risk.

I was in Asheville for Occupy and got really excited that the world was embracing the conversation around wiki leaks and the corruption scandals that our whole nation has experiencing the backlash of. We had a pretty strong indigenous presence so it gave a sense to our encampment of an older fight. I think its super important to continue reinforcing why we occupy, a great irony to the precedent of american forces securing the space against fraudulent elections and market systems elsewhere.

Bernie Sanders for king isn't the issue. The things he represents are. Those issues cannot get swept under the rug. And time is a factor. So I feel its essential to hold that intellectual space and make an impact with the media. Social networking is a huge way to reach people outside the Rothschild controlled news sources. I'd love to make something exciting, visual, and entertaining that hits hard about immigration banking public school space maybe false flags, propaganda, guns and fundamentalists equal right to life...

Please consider this to be a project for self expression.. to share and co-create, a group welcoming you to share your backgrounds and intentions until we have representative wholeness. I am really happy to open for this idea and excited to see the possibility of Portland making it and carrying it through. Im looking forward to hear from you all. It is inspiring to know occupiers are still out there under the surface of regular life as usual.

One particular thing I loved about Occupying was how we utilized general consensus and working groups collective process. I felt like peoples true voice was really protected. I'd like to honor that sense in anything we do moving forward. Equal share floor space, conscious moderation, relevance to predominant themes, where we intend to move forward actively co-creating as a whole. Asheville may have been particularly good at those themes because we already have a tradition of self-governance. It seems like folks from bigger more urban areas didn't find as much experience with THAT? idk pls let me know your experience, but I would like to see that process brought out explicitly.

I did a research brainstorm last night just about puppets themselves. Apparently its one of the most ancient art forms, and I'll share some neat writing I found on it eventually. Lots of different styles. Shadow puppets. Water puppets. Stick puppets, sock puppets. And of course the classic marionette. Have you all heard of bread and puppet, its a political community arts satire movement from NYC in the 1970s. They do a lit of abstract poetic stuff with masks. What do you think about the element of structural forms in the creative process ?

OK!! very cool to be getting started. looking forward to hearing from you all!!

Jes ourspiralnature@gmail

homepage: homepage: http://ourspiralnature@gmail.com