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Fbi illegal trades

See evidence of reactions to my reports of fbi's unlawful insider trades in world financial markets.
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Based on recent visits to my articles, I conclude that many international investors, bankers, financiers, and government officials are alarmed to learn that the fbi regularly engages in illegal insider trades in world financial markets. The powerful Senator Feinstein does the same and probably many others in Congress are involved in similar crimes which makes them doubly liable:
1) criminal prosecution & loss of job 2) subjected to blackmail by fbi whose own illegal insider trades in the largely unregulated futures, options and commodity markets are executed with ghost accounts.
The American people are clueless.

In the next link see visits from Russia to my reports on such crimes by the fbi.

In following paragraph see the excerpt of my report at Academia.edu which is of interest everywhere, except unfortunately here in USA.

Finally, at the bottom of this post see the link to my report and the times/dates of Russian studies on fbi's criminal violations of international securities laws as I have documented. The fbi is quite busy trying to kill me discreetly.

Sources of fbi/cia Financing For Global Criminal (unlawful) Intel
Operations :

The fbi/cia thugs, kidnappers, torturers, assassins, burglars, etc., obtain all the money they need for their criminal operations from multiple sources: Congress, Illegal drug operations and money laundering schemes, theft and seizure of Targets' assets, blackmail, theft (including burglary & robbery) and the unlawful manipulations of stock markets around the globe. The two corrupt groups regularly tap into the equities,commodities and futures markets for guaranteed huge profits. ***The SEC and other federal agencies ignore these criminal insider trades because the fbi/cia are "securing the USA from terrorist attacks and are at the same defending freedom."
Furthermore, the corrupt congress of the USA is aware of and allows market manipulations under the authority of its various intel, budgetary and oversight committees; also the intel courts have inside scoop regarding fbi/cia fraud in the money markets as a result of the secret courts' reviews of the global criminal activities of the fbi/cia assassins and torturers.


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