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Watching the Neocons, OOOOh their just puke.

Help I'm surrounded millions broke Americans.
The establishment knows their necon candidate $hillary can't hit the desired 50% of the vote just as her coconspirator Dick Pill Bill performed capturing only 42% in 1992 compared to HW Mush's 41% and Ross Perot's 17%. So they are trying to manufacture the 1992 presidential election all over again by giving Johnson lots of media just like Ross Perot got so Johnson can capture just enough votes to make sure the Clintons makes it into the white house. You know, just like they manufactured the Obama white house into just another establishment white house run by the Clintons by arresting and jailing Obama's chief fund raiser in Chicago right after the 2008 presidential election capturing just enough dirt on the Obama's forcing them to bend the knee.