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Pepsi Partners With Brutal KFC, Brings Back Aspartame, Continues Monopoly Tactics

Pepsi brought back sugar as well as aspartame. Animals are burned alive as sugar cane fields are set on fire prior to harvesting. Pepsi has an unethical relationship with Yum Foods and Circle K, generates obesity,
is a global polluter and deforester, a pricegouger
Pepsi brought sugar back into its sodas
Pepsi brought sugar back into its sodas
Colas are perhaps 2nd to animal flesh in generating obesity
Colas are perhaps 2nd to animal flesh in generating obesity
1. Pepsi has announced it will bring aspartame
back to its diet Pepsi. Aspartame is a lethal poison
originally developed as an antkiller. It causes
brain and eye lesions along with other toxic side effects.
2. Pepsi has in ads partnered with KFC in promoting
its brutal chicken slaughter  http://kfccruelty.com
3. Pepsi has a financial relationship with Yum Foods,
the world's largest restaurant conglomerate (Taco Bell,
KFC, Pizza Hut etc.) Taco Bell has NO coffee, fruit juice,
smoothies, nutmilks, etc. but only Pepsi products.
4. Circle K, owned by Canadian billionaire Alain Bouchard,
gives the lion's share, 9 of its 22 soda dispensers to Pepsi,
5. Pepsi has monopolistic unethical tactics in dispensing
its Frito Lay products.
6. Frito Lay products are grossly overpriced.
7. Its vending machine products are also grossly overpriced.
8. Pepsi adds to the world's deforestation through
the cardboard packaging of its 24 packs.
9. Pepsi adds to deforestation as well through clogging
landfills with its metal cans.
10. Pepsi adds to the many miles of plastic islands in the
world's oceans through its plastic bottles.
11. Pepsi is returning to sugar in nondiet drinks, despite
the fact that animals are burned alive in sugar cane
harvesting in which fields are set afire, and that
fructose as a multilevel sweetener with polysaccharides,
disaccharides, and monosaccharides is less harmful to the
health than sugar which metabolizes immediately.
12. Other toxic ingredients in Pepsi:
a Caramel color, a carcinogen. Pepsi promised to remove it
but is way past the date. Both its caramel color and yellow dye are for appearance only and could easily be eliminated.
b "Phosphoric acid: a corrosive acid and can form toxic fumes when it comes into contact with alcohols, ketones
and other organic compounds." (livestrong.org)
Phosphoric acid causes knee and other problems, adds to acidification of the body which is one cause of cancer,
and damages the optic nerves.
c. Metal cans in relationship to Alzheimer's
While animal flesh's homocysteine which becomes amyloid plaque lining brain arteries is the prime cause
of Alzheimer's, Colas and other drinks in aluminum cans elevate the aluminum in the brain which causes
Alzheimer's and other health problems.
d. Why does Pepsi need to add yellow dye which is toxic. Tartrazine, yellow dye #5, cuts down
on male sperm count, creates hyperacivity in children, is a carcinogen.
13. While animal flesh is the prime cause of obesity in the US (isocaloric studies indicate
the average vegan weighs 23 pounds less than
the average nonvegetarian), cola manufacturers are adding to the skyrocketing costs of
health care in the US through generation of obesity.
14. Pepsi's board includes William R Johnson, former CEO of animal flesh promoting Heinz, Richard Fisher,
formerly with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, David Page of the animal vivisecting Whitehead Institute,
Daniel Vasella, former CEO of the pricegouging vivisecting Novartis, a Swiss drug company.

Pepsi's board

Pepsi's partnership with KFC, Taco Bell etc of Yum Foods

1 Aspartame, the artificial sweetener (Nutrasweet) in diet Coke and Pepsi, causes brain lesions. It was originally developed to attract ants to their deaths with its fake sweetness.

2. Colas' caramel color is a carcinogen
 link to consumerreports.org

3. Phosphoric acid

4. Colas and other drinks in aluminum cans elevate the aluminum in the brain which causes Alzheimer's and other health problems.

5. Sugar's Health Hazards

6. Seven side effects of drinking diet colas

7. Yellow dye #5, tartrazine, in Mountain Dew




Yellow dye is a spermicide and causes hyperactivity in children.

homepage: homepage: http://kfccruelty.com