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FBI Admits Nobody Died at Pulse Before 5:13 AM?

I put up a couple telling videos at my blog. We're being told contradictory stories about what happened at the Orlando nightclub shooting.

ok 27.Jun.2016 20:03


Have you ever stopped to think and realize that you have claimed EVERY mass shooting or violent event is a false flag/coverup?

Every one.

You ever think maybe you're the one who has it wrong?

Seriously. Go back and look at your history.

Well, There might Possibly Be One Or Two That Were Not Psy-ops 28.Jun.2016 00:49


Since anything is possible.

"your history" 28.Jun.2016 01:04


would that be the royal "your", Clyde?

( or were you solely referring to JP's perception of history ... )

I had thought, presenting history via alternative media sources, evidence, and events was what sites like IMC were supposed to be all about.

not some defined-in-stone "this is 'your' history" perception / version of events.

jp 28.Jun.2016 10:00


I'm talking about the fact that Jody, rAT, Tracy Mapes and usually Blues, who represent the Mt Rushmore of Indymedia wingnuttery, have claimed pretty much every mass shooting in the past decade as a false flag. It's getting hilarious.

We all know the government isn't that efficient.

They are not that Efficient. 28.Jun.2016 16:48

Tracy Mapes

Clyde - And that's exactly why they are being Caught Every Fucking Time.

Grow the fuck up you stupid bitch. You can't trust the Government. And they sure in hell don't care what you think as long as you believe in them.

Awesome 01.Jul.2016 05:46


Mt. Rushmore of Indymedia wingnuttery. That is perfect. Well done, sir.

Clyde 01.Jul.2016 17:24


while I have long despised and denigrated troll Garth, and his fist-bumpin' buddy Clyde here at PDX IMC,

gotta admit that I chuckled at the Mt Rushmore quip. Thanks for a modicum of levity.

thanks 02.Jul.2016 09:50


I do what I can to inject a tiny bit of reason amidst the madness.

Also, Tracy, you said you were sending hitmen to Portland to kill me a few years ago. They never showed up. You should ask for a refund.

also Clyde 02.Jul.2016 09:54


as TM appropriately said,

you really are a stupid bitch and need to grow the fuck up.

Thank you - 02.Jul.2016 14:38