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1960s Icon Of Civil Rights Leads House Democrats In 'Sit Down' To Have Them Taken Away

(as you may have heard...) at present a cadre of House Democrats, aka Demwits, are having a 'sit down' filibuster/whatever, in purported protest against Congress not voting in favor of several pre-programmed (and just as ineffectual-irrelevant to actual gun violence as the last times attempted) anti-gun bills which were activated-as-planned closely following the recent Orlando mass murders.

Quite ironic, in fact that they are led by 1960s Civil Rights icon Rep. John Lewis (D-GA)...

here he is, decades after having fought courageously for Americans' basic civil rights. Actively advocating that said rights taken away.
clarification: the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution does not 'guarantee' any rights to bear arms, it only explicates the rights that are inherently granted via birthright to all free citizens of the United States.

"shall not be infringed" (concluding language of the 2nd) means precisely that.

Screw Off you phony lefties 22.Jun.2016 19:42

Lloyd Hart dada pop@dadapop.com

When politicians call for gun control it is an admittance that they have failed to provide the peace and prosperity they promised for their citizens. Any attempt to ride the tragedy of Orlando through congress and to make gun control a central issue of a presidential campaign because you cant talk about the crappy rigged economy is sleazy at best.

right on Lloyd 22.Jun.2016 21:02


must say, this is indeed by far one of the most pathetic political displays by public representatives I've seen in my adult life (observing U.S. politics over 3 decades).

I mean at least if you're going to 'filibuster' or cause a ruckus over a particular issue, do it over something substantive as you suggest (and we know there are many more structural and peripheral issues with the American system that could be tackled).

Furthermore as noted in the original post, why not ? pick something that actually has a measurable/realistic impact not ridiculous "gun control" laws with absolutely ZERO measurable effect on actual gun violence, i.e. the agenda-driven "gun control" legislation infinite-loop regurgitated after each major corporate-media-covered massacre, absolutely DOES NOT address the real-actual sources and statistical incidences of firearm-related violence (illegal/stolen weapons which are >70% handguns, inner cities etc.) in our country:
 link to knowledgeglue.com

p.s. (for anyone reading this who still might not comprehend-understand) 'universal' background checks ALREADY EXIST for every retail firearm outlet when a person purchases any gun ALL THE TIME, it's called a NICS check _and_ Form 4473.
don't take my word for it. Go to a sporting goods/gun store and try purchasing a firearm yourself.

and fwiw again for the ten millionth time, the Orlando murderer was employed for almost 10 years by the world's largest security corporation  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/06/432496.shtml and had TWO (not just one) official State of Florida permits to be fire-armed.
What 'laws' stopped-prevented him from obtaining / gaining access to a firearm? ...
( for the moment we won't even bring up the FBI sideshow and their long-held foreknowledge of that individual/his behavioral characteristics )

All that today's 'action' has done, is eliminated any respect I had for Rep. Lewis at this point. Utterly disgracing his own legacy imho.

not to mention they're making fools of themselves with real physical appearance ('sit down', Lol) apart from the attitudinal sore loser "boo-hoo-WAAAA" of kindergartners or first-graders.

Laughably bad.

House Dems Sing Civil Rights Anthem In Support Of Taking Away Rights 22.Jun.2016 21:40



stunned and amazed.

even the ACLU came out against the current Senate legislation  https://www.aclu.org/blog/washington-markup/use-error-prone-and-unfair-watchlists-not-way-regulate-guns-america

who would knowingly, cognitively cast their own citizen vote for any one of these so-called 'representatives'? ....

incredible how far this country has fallen (even, unbelievably) since USA Patriot Act and 9/11.

p.s. Martin Luther King Jr. owned a handgun and was on an FBI watch list.