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Why Vote Third Party in 2016

If you believe neither hawkish Hillary nor Torturing Trump should be president, you have options. The antiwar Green, Libertarian and Socialist parties are some options to Clinton and Trump. Libertarian Gary Johnson, twice governor of blue state New Mexico, has picked former Massachusetts governor William Weld as his running mate.
Flags Of A Fraction Of Nations Violated By Our Occupied Government
Flags Of A Fraction Of Nations Violated By Our Occupied Government
Green Party's Jill Stein, Libertarian Governors Gary Johnson and William Weld
Green Party's Jill Stein, Libertarian Governors Gary Johnson and William Weld
Not fit to lead are those who in service to the thieves of billions,cause death, injury and pain to millions

Obama and Clinton are both pawns of international bankers, war profiteers, and religious haters. They have through illegal acts of war such as bombing, invasion, assassination squads, arranged plane crashes, coups, and destabilization violated the sovereignty of many nations. Some are Afghanistan, Central African Republic,
Congo, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Uganda, and Venezuela. While violating

other nations, they have violated our citizens, creating ever more poor as they divert money for war. We don't
fight fires well because our planes are used to cause fires elsewhere. We don't have free education, good health
programs, sound infrastructure, because our government is run by traitors. Corporate media, owned by warmongers,
are not reporting your third party alternatives, such as the Green Party's Jill Stein or Libertarian

Gary Johnson who is in double digits in the polls.
If you believe that neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump should be president. here are some alternatives:


Antiwar Jill Stein, MD is the presidential candidate of the Green Party. In 2012 she received nearly 1/2 million votes.

The Green Party platform includes
opposition to war, racism, sexism
and class exploitation
ecological conversion
economic and grass roots democracy
fair elections
labor law reform
free diverse and uncensored media



Antiwar Gary Johnson is the presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party. In 2012 he received 1.2 million votes. He was twice elected governor of New Mexico. He may be on the ballot in all 50 states. He is currently polling in double digits, taking votes away from both Clinton and Trump. In Utah he is polling at 16%.

He has picked two term former governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld as his running mate. Both were very successful as Republicans in blue states.

Besides being antiwar, Johnson is a fiscal conservative and socially liberal, advocating women's right to choose, gay marriage, and the right to smoke marijuana,.

"In a three-way contest, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton was at 42 percent, GOP front-runner Donald Trump was at 34 percent, and Mr. Johnson, nominee of the Librtarian Party,, was at 11 percent, according to the Monmouth University poll." quote from washingtontimes.com

Eli Watkins of CNN deceptively described Johnson as 'skeptical of military intervention'. In reality, Johnson is courageously and continually antiwar.

 https://garyjohnson2016.com/ official website


Johnson polling at 16% in Utah

The Socialist Party US


homepage: homepage: http://garyjohnson2016.com

No, You Have No Real Choices At All 18.Jun.2016 11:21


First of all former Massachusetts governor William Weld. He was for Gay & etc. rights, abortion, and marijuana. In Massachusetts you pretty much have to be. He lowered taxes (the Fed was helping Bill Clinton set us up for G. W. Bush, and Obama.) He was pure hell for the less than privileged; privatized all the social services. Made a complete mess out of the government. He left a brutal mark.

If you vote for a "third party" candidate you (or your chosen candidate) will be called a "spoiler" since your vote will simply be sacrificed by the spoiler effect. That is what really needs to be fixed, along with the always hackable voting machines. See the solution at: