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Orlando Shooting Permitted By fbi Assassins

Fbi fails to prevent/stop Orlando Florida killings perpetrated by
Omar Mateen, 29.
Geral Sosbee illuminates fbi treachery
Geral Sosbee illuminates fbi treachery
The fbi,cia,DHS all are responsible for the Orlando Florida mass shooting today by their intentional negligence and for three other identifiable indicators:
1)The fbi has data on the shooter who was associated with the fbi's corrupt Wackenhut group. He was on the fbi radar screen, yet the fbi allowed him to obtain the weapon, even while the fbi surveils, tortures and tries to murder this fbi whistle-blower 24/7/365. See fbi's 'mass murderer' report below.
2)The fbi and company are not interested in stopping civilian murderous attacks on the public because such killings are consistent with long term *objectives of the world's ruling class and the global intelligence community ( a group who are more aptly described as the Devil's Intel Enterprise (i.e., "DIE").

**The fbi is more active in covering up their unconscionable crimes by discrediting and killing knowledgeable former fbi agent/whistle-blowers.
3)The police state benefits from such atrocities by telling the people, "You need us to protect you from Radicals". See dilemma forced on men by fbi:

*fbi- champions of destruction, masters of deceit

**Fbi operative online fraudulently labels whistle-blower, former fbi agent as a murderer and possible mass murderer :

 link to sosbeevfbi.ning.com

Alt link.

homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
phone: phone: na
address: address: USA

no, just another big government fuck up. one of many 14.Jun.2016 11:38


Had this actually been some sort of government conspiracy, then I would expect it to be a lot cleaner in that the guy wouldn't have passed all sorts of background checks which totally undermines the "Common sense gun reform" and "close the gun show loop hole" crap that keeps getting thrown in our faces. (PS, there is no gun show loop hole. Just try and buy a gun at a gun show and you will see what I mean).

No, this was a blue ribbon, US Certified fuck up. One of many. Unfortunately.