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The present global situation: fbi/cia cause global murderous chaos

Former fbi agent survives 30 years of fbi assaults and presents this synthesis of his studies.
Geral Sosbee
Geral Sosbee
Fbi murderous corruption, per validated " fbi whistleblower "

The present global situation

Introduction :

A few individuals speak to all about the crisis forced on the world by fbi/cia and their associates.

Due to failed Leadership of USA...


... all people face a grim prospect

 link to sosbeevfbi.ning.com


The fbi controls Google and other search engines at will. For example, only the fbi decides who is shown on Internet search engines under the category of "fbi whistle-blower."

My name is frequently removed from such a reference, and few images reflect my work under the same heading. The fbi allows the title of whistle-blower to be attributed to someone only when the information being released does not tend to destroy public trust in the fbi.

My papers and reports shake the foundation of this government by illustrating the pure corruption of all branches and departments, tripartite, by the hoodlums and Mafia-type figures of the fbi.

Further, no other fbi agent in the history of the fbi has ever discovered and revealed, as I do, the pervasive, murderous, and traitorous character of all fbi directors, agents, special investigators and fbi police; I commenced my action against that group of assassins when I filed suit and began my websites.
My work proves that the fbi/cia/nsa,dod,SCOTUS,etc., have overthrown the legitimate constitutional government of the United States of America; few dare speak or write of this unconscionable event. I also show by first hand, irrefutable evidence and personal testimony, that the USA is a global criminal regime which threatens mankind. Americans do not seem the least bit interested in such data.

Finally, my work is unparalleled in the annals of American society and , while I am saddened to illuminate in my articles the fbi personnel as filthy fiends, serial killers/psychopaths and homicidal sociopaths, I am grateful to Providence for my early awakening to the evil of the fbi and for endowing me with enough strength to carry on my vital human rights efforts against that criminally insane group of thugs.

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Primary whistle-blower in the history of fbi:


My sworn affidavits:


4) Fbi completely, maliciously and with intent to commit innumerable crimes, trashes all constitutional protections that previously provided inviolable safeguards against police/fbi gross abuses:


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6) The price I paid for loyalty to the United States of America :
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