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Pig Castrater Touted As Trump VP Candidate

Speculation will continue to grow about Trump's choice as a VP candidate
Pig castrating Joni Ernst,
Koch brothers funded, chief
beneficiary of the mysterious death
of her Libertarian opponent in the
Iowa Senate race, is being touted
as a possible vice presidential
candidate for Trump.

Ms Ernst bragged that she would
make Washington legislators squeal
just as she did in wielding a knife
on innocent pigs.

Ernst wants every fertilized human
egg to be given legal personhood.

Ernst supports the privatizing of
social security for her billionaire

Millions more would
then dump Trump.

The Death Of Ernst's Libertarian Opponent

Cui bono? To whose benefit was the mysterious plane crash of Iowa Libertarian candidate for the US Senate Doug Butzier who died in October of this year in a plane crash. The Koch brothers who are perhaps the richest pair of brothers in the world with over 100 billion in stolen wealth have given untold dollars to Republican candidates. The Republican party is the minority party and must rely on money, vote fraud, and fraudulent ad campaigns. (Obama is not a Democrat except in name.)

One of the recipients of Koch Brothers hot dollars is Joni Ernst, Iowa Republican candidate, who brags she castrates pigs and would make Washington squeal as she made piglets squeal when she 'cut pork'.

Libertarians in close races often tip scales to Democrats. Butzier was taking 4 points away from Ernst in her neck and neck race with Democrat Bruce Braley, who is endorsed by longtime populist senator retiring Tom Harkin.

Who has benefited from Butzier's mysterious death? The Koch Brothers and Joni Ernst think they have.

Joni Ernst wants every human fertilized egg to have legal personhood. (Perhaps she has stopped short of asking for eggs' voting rights.) She wants to privatize Social Security, so that Wall Street can insider trade, arrange hostile takeovers, steal assets, and raid corporate pension funds. She hasn't yet met a US military action she doesn't like.

The picture is of a pig in a castration machine. Joni Ernst, Republican candidate, in one ad said she is proud she castrated pigs, and that she can 'cut pork' in Washington too, making the legislature squeal the way her pig victims did. The deforesting USA Today is
promoting her selection.

Joni Ernst, chief beneficiary of the death of her Libertarian opponent, who was taking 4% of the votes from Republicans

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I, blues, Am Being Touted As A Possible Vice Presidential Candidate For Trump. 28.May.2016 15:39


Yes, I will die, but probably not mysteriously.

I have never castrated one single pig.

So there.

blues 20.Jun.2016 07:06


Maybe you ought to start. (castrting pigs) I've a lit...

Just ask around and most do, as long as you support little pigs. Lots of pigs.