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Fbi murderous corruption, per validated " fbi whistleblower "

The fbi controls Google and other search engines at will. For example, only the fbi decides who is shown on Internet search engines under the category of "fbi whistle-blower."
Geral Sosbee,  'fbi whistle-blower'
Geral Sosbee, 'fbi whistle-blower'
My name is frequently removed from such a reference, and few images reflect my work under the same heading. The fbi allows the title of whistle-blower to be attributed to someone only when the information being released does not tend to destroy public trust in the fbi.

My papers and reports shake the foundation of this government by illustrating the pure corruption of all branches and departments, tripartite, by the hoodlums and Mafia-type figures of the fbi.

Further, no other fbi agent in the history of the fbi has ever discovered and revealed, as I do, the pervasive, murderous, and traitorous character of all fbi directors, agents, special investigators and fbi police; I commenced my action against that group of assassins when I filed suit and began my websites.

My work proves that the fbi/cia/nsa,dod,SCOTUS,etc., have overthrown the legitimate constitutional government of the United States of America; few dare speak or write of this unconscionable event. I also show by first hand, irrefutable evidence and personal testimony, that the USA is a global criminal regime which threatens mankind. Americans do not seem the least bit interested in such data.

Finally, my work is unparalleled in the annals of American society and , while I am saddened to illuminate in my articles the fbi personnel as filthy fiends, serial killers/psychopaths and homicidal sociopaths, I am grateful to Providence for my early awakening to the evil of the fbi and for endowing me with enough strength to carry on my vital human rights efforts against that criminally insane group of thugs.

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No entries on Geral Sosbee in Google Search for "fbi whistle-blower ".

Primary whistle-blower in the history of fbi:


My sworn affidavits:


4) Fbi completely, maliciously and with intent to commit innumerable crimes, trashes all constitutional protections that previously provided inviolable safeguards against police/fbi gross abuses:


5) In the next link I show the complete, unbridled and outrageous programs executed by the fbi agents against innocent persons across this nation:


6) The price I paid for loyalty to the United States of America :



About me:


homepage: homepage: http://www.sosbeevfbi.com
phone: phone: na
address: address: usa

fbi thugs abound in my life 26.May.2016 08:46

geral gsosbee@gmail.com

I am in the library and at this moment the fbi sends the little dim wit who has harassed and stalked me many times (in the library and in the mall) enters, takes a long look at me, and takes a seat. This operative exemplifies the criminal perversion of most fbi agents in pursuit of their Targets. The operative is exactly the personality who will do anything for the fbi because they pay him. His objective is to cause stress, or to otherwise provoke a response. He, like the beast who also assaults for 15 years me here and elsewhere, represents the lowest form of human intellect
ever to inhabit the earth.

These people are assassins for the very agency responsible for protecting and defending. Meet them here:


fbi, usa,MAFIA
fbi, usa,MAFIA

Dear Geral 26.May.2016 10:49

Tracy Mapes

Just take a 1 pound box of nails, throw them on the ground behind his car right in front of his face, and then drive home.

I guarantee this will become cost prohibitive to their activities in the future.

Take Care,

Tracy Mapes

Stop It, Tracy 26.May.2016 13:13

geral gsosbee@gmail.com

Stop Tracy your ludicrous comments when I post. You are stalking me and you have nothing productive to say.

United States

You are absolutely wrong Geral. 26.May.2016 13:42

Tracy Mapes

You've bitched about this for a lifetime.

And now it's just like Vietnam. Defend Yourself.

Veterans Beware 26.May.2016 19:43

geral gsosbee@gmail.com

Geral Sosbee, Viet Nam, 1967, defending USA:

Veterans Beware:

For many years the fbi sends their professional criminals to harass me online and to assault me on the streets, campuses, in libraries, malls and movies. The assaults are provocative and designed to needle me into a reaction. At UT the police and fbi sent operative Alonzo Yanez into the restroom to grab me in an obvious effort to cause me to defend myself. I put up no defense.

Yanez later pled 'no contest' to the criminal offense, but I struggled for years to document the attack. Other fbi street thugs also similarly assaulted me over the past 30 years and continue to do so today.

In online provocations the fbi assassins claim that, as I am a combat veteran, I am a 'murderer and a possible mass murderer'. All of these events are documented in many of my posts online.

Recently, as I try to report ongoing crimes against my person & property,
fbi thugs show up again after I post online; at the same time fbi provocateurs also increase assaults on me everywhere I go. They are no doubt wired during the assaults and have professional witnesses standing by in the event that I defend myself. A corrupt federal magistrate judge also stands ready to imprison me with the slightest sign of 'self defense'.

The Portland Indymedia (PI) group seems inclined to allow ugly assaults on me online when I post; PI recently notified me that they will now in effect hide or trash my work in their * 'compost' file. At the same time fbi operative Tracy Mapes suggests at my PI post that I should defend against fbi thugs as I defended the USA in Vietnam.

This kind of reasoning from Tracy Mapes is intended to move me to some kind of unacceptable response to the violent assaults by Mapes' associates & friends who are professional killers for the fbi.

When I try to ask **Tracy Mapes to cease and desist and as I also ask PI to stop Mapes' insults and cyberstalking, PI removes my post and allows thug Mapes to continue the attacks.

The fbi recently destroyed my car when I parked at the Veterans Memorial next to the Brownsville public library. By sending Mapes online, the fbi may seek to bring back a defensive posture in me that might cause an unacceptable response to the attacks by fbi hoodlums.
I am wise to such tricks, but my feelings are hurt that my government would play such dirty tricks on a vet.
Clearly, Tracy Mapes is quite the little fraud as shown in the statements in the PI link below.
(PI also appears to serve the fbi interests as I have demonstrated repeatedly for several years.)

Veterans everywhere are at risk when the fbi decides to target them for incarceration or death, because the fbi examines how best to exploit the past services of the Veteran in a way that would harm the vet. The fbi also uses doctors to file fraudulent medical reports on the vet which the local police, acting on advice from the fbi, label the vet 'paranoid' and prepare to take adverse action on behalf of fbi assassins.



**Tracy Mapes, aka fbi cyber stalker, aka J. Robert Upton, aka fbi serial torturer/killer


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United States
geral sosbee, Viet Nam,  1967
geral sosbee, Viet Nam, 1967