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$$ Doesn't Talk- It Swears See Bob Dylan for only $3,000!

How did Dylan get involved in this uber hyped fake "event".
The pit is the shit  the back is whack
The pit is the shit the back is whack
Didn't Neil Young once berate outrageous concert ticket prices?
Didn't Neil Young once berate outrageous concert ticket prices?
Golden Voice Productions, producers of the mega music festivals known as "Coachella", is presenting a concert series featuring The Who, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, and Bob Dylan. The tickets started at $200 and were automatically and instantly sucked up by every scalping organization and independent ticket pirate in SoCal. Sold Out in moments. Want to see Bob sing about how horrible "The System" is?? Palm Springs Craig's List has a little hotel/ticket package for only 410,000. But if you just want to stand in the cattle pen area waaay in the back of the polo field you can immerse yourself in 60's splendor for only $3,000. OK. I understand The Who and Mick and Paulie probably aren't going to lose much sleep over the fact that the "New Woodstock" (as Golden Voice calls it) will consist of mostly rich middle class Yuppies with a few spare G's to squander. What cracks me up is none of these groups come even close to resembling anything remotely similar to the original outfits. This will no doubt include the music. These guys are all ancient geezers in the Rock and Roll universe. Thinking that some incredible musical experience is at hand is a pipe dream that probably won't come true. As a curiosity these shows might be worth a hundred bucks max if the tickets were somehow distributed democratically to actual everyday fans instead of greedy flipmeisters. But Dylan? I guess these artifacts of bygone times have been reincarnated once again as some sort of American Gods, worthy of worshipful offerings fit for kings. The frenzied media circus over David Bowie, Glenn Frey, and Prince have somehow created an atmosphere where music fans seem desperate enough to spend insane amounts to see The Legends before they too go to that great motel room in the sky. But Dylan? Somehow I have still have difficulty seeing him as a typical rock star type willing to be a clown in the Golden Voice sideshow. (An 8oz bottle of decent H20 at Coachella is $6) "Woodstock" was a homegrown event produced by dedicated volunteers in the name of social revolution. "Golden Voice" has a lot of nerve invoking that sacred ground for this corporate field day. What-up Bob? Taxman after you?

$10,000 20.May.2016 12:41


That package is $10,000 sorry 4 the typo

pic 15.Jun.2016 14:37


geriatric fest
geriatric fest