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Like The Sixties Again, Except This Time With Dumbasses

( further to Rodentia Citizen's 'Sorry Feinstein' thread  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/05/432312.shtml thanks for that one )

So apparently a leading establishment Democrat Senator has made comments hinting (she "fears" that) the July convention in Philadelphia "could spark violence" if supporters of Vermont Senator Sanders don't toe the line.

which of course is a statement that contains multiple alluded meaning(s): i.e. state violence and 'suppressive measures' shall be imposed along with requisite tools to "handle" peaceful protesters exercising their rights.
I'm not an outright detractor of Sanders' 2016 presidential campaign. (Previously on the Newswire had asked for some general opinions  link to portland.indymedia.org on the RC thread). There is some value in his having gained relatively wide exposure for certain key issues this year.

Anyway I'll be firing up the popcorn machine come July in Philadelphia.


well for one, I don't foresee the 'Battle of Seattle' 1999 WTO folks showing up to 'steer' any purported protests at the Democrat Convention this year, towards the direction of anti-corporate police state. At least, the corporate mass media would never provide airtime to such a "component" of Sanders-related demonstrations at the convention. (i.e. only independent media will have evidence it even happened...)

( Unless I'm wrong about this? is a turntabling of major political party machinations in store for this summer's Democrat convention, at the very hands of black-hoodie-wearing anarchists? If so please do let us know here first in this space. )

Of course there is no military draft at play (as there was in Chicago 1968), or 'unjust' foreign war... remember Iraq and Afghanistan are absolutely not 'war' but ongoing military occupations. Nor assassination of iconic movement leaders such as MLK (or similarly iconic political leaders such as RFK or JFK) helping to "fan the flames" among youth or otherwise "protest-prone" folk.

Just a bunch (mob?) of deluded citizens who actually somehow believe that the "2-party" U.S. political system will somehow provide them with ballot-furnished recourse. Even for some of the pressing issues Sanders has brought to his campaign.

So as it (according to Sen. Feinstein? or not...) stands/boils down, I'm looking to see a bunch of Prius-Zipcar-driving Bernie-stickered dumbasses get beat down unrighteously by the corporate fascist operatives at the Philly spectacular. Followed by HRC's coronation.

with popcorn natch. Who's with me?