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Vegan-Washing the Occupation: Resisting Brand Israel

Saturday, May 28
5 PM - 7 PM

Portland State University
1825 SW Broadway
Portland, Oregon 97201
For over 10 years, think tanks, policy makers, and marketing consultants have been trying to discredit and undermine the momentum of the international Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign to end Israeli apartheid and the occupation of Palestine. They developed a strategy called "Brand Israel", which is aimed at rebranding the state of Israel as a cultural, social, and political haven for progress and creativity, divorced entirely from the narrative of Palestinian oppression and colonial occupation. The Brand Israel marketing campaign has been successful at siphoning support for leftist and progressive causes, such as LGBTQ, environmentalism, and animal advocacy, in an effort to frustrate the solidarity organizing behind the power of the BDS campaign. The result is a powerful, militarized, and oppressive colonial nation-state that has been pink-washed, green-washed, and even vegan-washed as a progressive and leading democracy in an otherwise "backwards" region of the world.

This event will look at the dynamics of Brand Israel as it has infiltrated the international animal advocacy movements, with a particular focus on the United States. Learn how to resist Brand Israel and organize in support of the BDS campaign and Palestinian sovereignty. Animal advocates will also discuss the work of the Palestinian Animal League (PAL), the only animal advocacy group in the Palestinian Occupied Territories, and how to support and stand in solidarity with PAL as a means of resisting Brand Israel's campaign of vegan and humane-washing that erroneously paints Israel as the most progressive nation on the planet in terms of animals and veganism as a means of erasing the Palestinian relationship with the land and its animals.

Narrative vs reality 20.May.2016 05:25

Mike Novack

While a "narrative" can be very useful in forming and maintaining group identity, there are dangers when tat departs too far from reality.

These things aren't poses adopted to forward "branding" but real aspects of difference between the societies. We ALWAYS have to take the good with the bad in that sense. But since the main focus of the post was about so called "vegan-washing" let's stick to that.

Sorry, but the reality is that goes WAY back. Look at the dates for A. D. Gordon. Nor can you treat his vegetarianism (which is one aspect of his teaching that did NOT become adopted by "labor" Zionism) as being irrelevant because of his anti-Palestinianism << see why I chose HIM for this? >>

PLEASE --- I am NOT by any means suggesting that the REALITY that Israeli society might be better with regard to LGBTQ, environmentalism, or animal welfare issues should be considered to outweigh its oppression of the Palestinians. However pro-Palestinian groups should stick to making the case THAT way, argue that the oppression should be considered to outweigh the good things, instead of arguing those apparently good things are just a "pose". Note that we are always or at least usually faced with having to make hard choices like this. I imagine the choice to be very difficult, for example, for an LGBTQ Palestinian.