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Boston Trial Opening Statement

The Entrenched Power Grasping Oligarchs (EPGOs) ("elites") version of the "Boston Marathon Bombing" (FAKE)
Here it is. For your perusal.

The police state nightmare. The politicians take ownership of you now. Because you fail to obtain simple score voting, machine-free, with indifference to "parties". Since then, you get:

Boston Trial Opening statement

His "Lawyer" Said "He Did It"!!!!! 19.May.2016 11:45


In a blunt opening statement at the nation's biggest terrorism trial in nearly 20 years, Tsarnaev's own lawyer flatly told a jury that the 21-year-old former college student committed the crime.

"It was him," said defense attorney Judy Clarke, one of the nation's foremost death-penalty specialists.

But in a strategy aimed at saving Tsarnaev from a death sentence, she argued that he had fallen under the malevolent influence of his now-dead older brother, Tamerlan.

"Judy Clarke" Also "Defended" All These: 19.May.2016 11:57


In 1996, Federal Defender Quin Denvir filed papers asking U.S. District Judge Garland Burrell to appoint Clarke as his co-counsel for Ted Kaczynski who was accused of seven explosions connected to the Unabomber and faced the death penalty.

On January 10, 2011, the United States district court in Phoenix, Arizona assigned Clarke as defense counsel to Jared Lee Loughner, the perpetrator of the January 8, 2011 Tucson, Arizona shooting. The Phoenix Public Defenders' Office had requested that Clarke be retained in order to allow Loughner to receive competent counsel without the possibility of a community-wide conflict of interest arising from proceedings against him for his alleged role in the shooting.

This girl gets around!

Something a bit wrong here???

Who Did 9/11??? 19.May.2016 13:35


19 Saudi guys with box cutters? No.

Watch out for the deadly 911 virus!

You are Buying in to the Gameshow. 19.May.2016 14:08

The Red 'X' Society!

Here is solid proof that the Boston Bombing was ""Faked", an undeniably beautiful piece of video that will surely not be included in trial evidence, but yet so stupidly uploaded to youtube by the perpetrators themselves.

I would never have found this beautiful piece of history had it not been being made so financially desperate that I had to go to community college just for the survival option of the FAFSA loans, when I joined a class for Homeland Security to apprise them of the current nature of the Media.

It was a class assignment I had to do, when I found the video, which provided a 40 minute time window after the Boston Marathon had concluded, to allow the perpetrators to alter history, and present it to the public as truth.

Enjoy the Show! ... Because that's all it is.


Tracy Mapes

P.S. - We took a field trip to the Homeland Security Terrorism Threat Center here in Sacramento. I apprised them of the current state of the Media. Nothing was ever said about it again.

Here's a link to the School Assignment I turned in as a Powerpoint Presentation 19.May.2016 14:12

The Red 'X' Society!

Yeah, We Believe The 'X' Society! 19.May.2016 21:49


Of course. Whatever you say. Sir!

Watch out for the deadly 911 virus! 19.May.2016 22:06


Bill Cooper predicted 911 (it cost him his life)

Hear The Fear!!! 19.May.2016 22:22


William Cooper - The Alex Jones Deception - (1-4-2000)

How William Cooper Got Killed 19.May.2016 22:37


How William Cooper got killed

Whatever I say ...? 20.May.2016 02:12

The Red 'X' Society!

My Sister already lost her Life. How would you like to look like a Ballpark Frank?

She was 3 years younger than me.

This is what your Brian looks like when you get it fried by microwaves

They haven't been able to kill me yet. But they have tried.

This is my foot after being attacked after my Sister's death Oct. 2 2015.

Took 6 months to heal.

Other previous attack resulted in 35% vision impairment for 6 months.

Any other Smart Remarks ? ...Asshole.

Here's my photo blog. Maybe you can tell me something about it? Like how serious or not serious I am about life?


Now ...Go Fuck Yourself!

Sorry If I Offended 20.May.2016 19:12


My personal policy is to avoid Google as much as possible. So I didn't look at what you linked to (until now).

I am sorry to hear about your sister.

And your other difficulties.

I was just poking fun at the odd screen name.

With all these terrible things, you have a right to feel upset.


It's OK ... I'm overly sensitive after 15 years of BS related to the same crap 20.May.2016 20:44

The Red 'X' Society!

You are usually on of the better posters here.

Take Care, Tracy