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NPR's David Greene & Alison Aubrey along with David Ludwig Shill For Factory Farm Eggs

Both National Public Radio and Harvard University are heavily invested in factory farms
and slaughterhouses. NPR and David Ludwig of Harvard shilled for factory farm eggs today.
many trucks arrive at slaughterhouses with broken wings & necks hanging outside
many trucks arrive at slaughterhouses with broken wings & necks hanging outside
Dhickens suffer hideously in all factoory farms
Dhickens suffer hideously in all factoory farms
Harvard University and its 'nutritionist' David Ludwig
are invested in eggs with their high animal fat (250 to 300 mg of cholesterol) in each. Each factory farm eggs requires 32 hours of factory farm chicken jail in a tiny cage for over 90% of US eggs. Each requires 120 gallons of production water. Salmonella and insecticides in the watershed come from chicken waste. Eggs account for nearly one half of food poisoning fatalities annually. When a chicken has leukemia, its disease is deceptively called leukosis and is transmissable to humans. Chickens in many factory farms are fed parts of animals, birds, fishes etc. causing avian spongiorm encephalitis or Mad Chicken Disease.

On NPR's Morning Edition on May 13, 2016 David Green said "I love eggs.I eat two a day". Alison Aubrey, NPR's food correspondent,made a slightly burned omelet for him. That was followed by Harvard's David Ludwig saying
that obesity began when high protein and fat breakfasts were replaced by cereal in the 50's.

That is interesting, since McDonald's was founded in 1955. Before that McDonald's Americans were not the fattest people
on earth. Jarl Mohn is the CEO of McDonald's. Sarah Gilbert is
the executive producer of Morning Edition. 202 513 2000.

NPR has 200 million dollars of McDonald's stock and eggs are heavily promoted and sold by McDonald's.

Ludwig, with a financial interest in promoting animal products, sharply contrasts with two former Harvard doctors who are not invested by salary or otherwise in animal flesh and products.
One is Stanley Prusiner, discoverer of Mad Cow prions, who
left Harvard because of its billions of unethical investments. He went to Stanford. The other is Dr Mervyn Hardinge, who in isocaloric studies found that after 3 months eating the same number of calories per day, vegans weighed 23 pounds less
than nonvegetarians and 12 pounds less than dairy vegetarians.
Fruitarians he interviewed weighed the least.


A tornado ripped the roofs off of the metal sheds at then Buckeye Egg Farm*, now Ohio Fresh Egg. One million birds were exposed... one half million died shortly... perhaps 100,000 were rescued.by animal rights groups from Ohio and other states. At least 400,000 were bulldozed ALIVE into graves, AFTER NINE DAYS WITHOUT FOOD AND WATER.

The owner of Buckeye Egg Farm had been banned from factory farming in Germany because of the use of nicotinoid insecticides lethal to human beings, and because of animal cruelty.

The Republican governor of Ohio saw it as an opportunity to welcome him with a red carpet to start his human poisoning, animal cruelty, and environmental pollution in Ohio.

This corporation has been sued for using 6 month old eggs, for using child labor, for creating such a cesspool of chicken waste that Ohio Wesleyan University studies found it had filled neighboring rivers with salmonella. Flies, divinely appointed waste removers, multiplied in the millions. One individual sank to her neck in chicken waste and her life was saved by grabbing onto the pipes overhead.

* It was renamed Agrigeneral and then renamed again Ohio Fresh Egg.

Other factory farms routinely have power outages during which the metal shed housed chickens roast or freeze alive. Chickens are painfully debeaked with searing machines so that they will not peck each other from the overcrowding, 9 or more chickens to a cage 1 foot by 3 feet. Representative Steve King of Iowa wants no one to tell chicken abusers what size their cages should be.

When a chicken has leukemia which profiteers disguise with the name leukosis, it is transmissable to human beings who eat the chickens. The uric acid or trioxypurine in chickens causes arthritis.

There have been many reports of these innocent birds being skinned alive in slaughterhouses.

Chicken protection group  http://www.upc-online.org/pics/buckeye_egg_farm2.jpg

Vegan physician organization

Male chicks crushed to death
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