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PSU Students for Trump leader is a white supremacist

Volodymyr Kolychev, leader of Portland State Students for Trump, is a confirmed fascist.
Volodymyr Kolychev, leader of Portland State Students for Trump, is a confirmed fascist. Do with that information what you will.


This Is More Soros Psyops 11.May.2016 23:43


The billionaires against Donald Trump can pay any number of fake "nazis" to play the fake "nazi" threat theater. It's easy when you have all the money.

Hillary Clinton is in fact Adolph Hitler, very slightly disguised. In fact, she murdered Muammar Gaddafi and then laughed about it right on TV. Even Hitler never did that.

This is yet more neocons pretending to be social justice advocates.

Stop worrying about Trump. Start worrying about Hillary and WW-III.

? 12.May.2016 07:06


Known by whom? Certainly not the city at large, as the media hasn't reported on it in their coverage of the group. The fact that he's aligned himself with Trump is the exact same strategy that white nationalists are using nationally in order mainstream their white supremacist garbage and make it respectable.

WHO CARES ? 14.May.2016 10:50


12.May.2016 07:06, The Genius posits:
"their strategy is make it respectable"


Donald Trump who has the HIGHEST UNFAVORABILITY RATING of any U.S. presidential candidate barring Hillary Clinton herself ?

the WNs sure did pick a winner...

more irrelevant mental masturbatory hysterics from the "White-Nationalist-takeover-any-day-now-trust-us-it's-gonna-happen-!!11!!!1!"

btw Trump is going to be roundly defeated in November
he and you will genuflect before your new overlord.

Who cares - well I care 15.May.2016 11:08

Wake Up

Anytime white anytime white nationals are gathering together we need to know about it ESPECIALLY if they out in our neighborhoods and schools. It matters BIG time. The way you are marginalizing this is worrysome in that I have to wonder are trying to stifle the reality and truth about white supremacy rearing its head?

Regard your prediction and tea readings about Clinton, that really is all your opinion and is what we all have. It's nothing factual or really even "news"

The person who said something about "respectful" I took as a reference to when we have a "society accepted / voted in" hate monger as "Our President" who openly shit talks other people and races it then starts to become accepted and even considered not "outlandish and rouge hate speech" but just everyday words (read "respectable"). The word respectable (then) is not as we interpret literally, but used in context to the shift it what is (now) considered everyday run if the mill an run of the mouth "normal"

Hell no Trump isn't respected.
Hell yes "we all no that he is "the worst ever" to step up".

Your comment "genuflect before your new overlord" seems smug and taunting as if you enjoy rubbing the assumption in the readers face.
This site doesn't endorse any politician and most readers probably don't want Hilary (or) Trump.

You are pretty clear about your feeling on WN and made rude insinuations about information being brought up into the open as being "more irrelevant mental masturbatory hysterics" - not so sure why that ruffles your feathers so much. And that I do care about.

"Anytime white anytime [sic] white nationals are gathering" 15.May.2016 11:14

more hysterics

**** off.

go ahead and spazz-out about the White Nationalists taking over, call them out, Arock them, harass them, protest them, demonstrate, fight, rub out etc. to your paranoid hearts content.

leave irrelevant Clown Trump out of it

( yes again the chosen topic Headline of this 'article' deliberately TROLLS about the presidential campaign )

" And that I do care about " Wake up YOURSELF. 15.May.2016 11:19


(am well aware of the AntiFa / anti-Nazi etc. component of PDX IMC/activism)

you have a _far_ different conception of what political and cultural issues are of public safety, economic, mass media or other significance-importance, as well as being worth spending time or energy upon, to our community, human rights and planet,

than I do.

You've been served notice of those facts.

" most readers probably don't want Hilary (or) Trump " 15.May.2016 11:23


"This site doesn't endorse any politician"

oh You are now the arbiter's Voice of PDX IMC?

if (as you assert....) "most readers probably don't want Hilary (or) Trump"

why is Trump in the topic Headline of this article (or was the topic even chosen to be posted here itself, merely because the WN happens to be a "Trump booster").

Think before you post.

Millions Of Ordinary Americans Support Donald Trump. Here's Why 15.May.2016 11:29

portland imc - 2016.03.17 431843 shtml

When he isn't spewing insults, the Republican frontrunner is hammering home a powerful message about free trade and its victims

[Quoted excerpt from article : ] "All this stuff is so insane, so wildly outrageous, that the commentariat has deemed it to be the entirety of the Trump campaign. Stories marveling at the stupidity of Trump voters are published nearly every day."

"But there is another way to interpret the Trump phenomenon. A map of his support may coordinate with racist Google searches, but it coordinates even better with deindustrialization and despair, with the zones of economic misery that 30 years of Washington's free-market consensus have brought the rest of America."

Troll Alert 15.May.2016 11:59

Who cares - Well I care

If the title topic was "trolling" then you bit it. #bigtime
You sure are worried about WN and Trump being lumped together
But your worry is to keep it under the rug - did somebody a nerve
You have been called out and warned.
We get your point you are eloquently making
And that worries me.

"You sure are worried about WN and Trump being lumped together" 15.May.2016 12:37


not "worried" at all

as seen from posted ^^ above, my concern is with the so-called 'activists' of PDX IMC (or maybe they weren't the typical/usual suspects that happened to post _this_ piece ?? ...)

who are OBSESSED with "Off Nazi Punks" and all permutations thereof.

Grow up. For chrissakes. get beyond your age 15-24 mentality. White nationalists are utter Morons, and ain't going anywhere soon.

also (unfortunately for this country) many other Morons are jumping on the Trump bandwagon this election year.
( Trump shall lose the November election handily btw and unfortunately for his deluded minions )

Still, even though they are Morons, it doesn't necessarily mean the delusion is _ALL_ / entirely their "fault".

lots of these 'Low Information Voters' (trailer park? whatevs...) have been hit hard by the Obama administration's bailout of big banks, continued offshoring of manufacturing jobs through multiple administrations over decades etc.

... an economic 'justice' (?) element to this stuff.

see the article  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2016/03/431843.shtml linked above, worthwhile reading.

Simply pointing out that the 'Trump = Nazi' hysteria which has been propogated in more than one PDX IMC post of late besides this here, is overblown in comparison to the actual demographics of the Trump phenomenon itself.

( TRANSLATION / tl-dr:
Yes the 2016 Trump phenom is ultra bad lameness idiocy for the country / our community but not quite or wholly in the way you've been spoonfed to think )

True Color 15.May.2016 12:51

Troll Watch

To the WN "white supremacy" apologist here on PIMC
We get from your post:
You don't like Trump
You don't like Clinton
You don't like that somebody posted Real Information that ties Trump to WN at PSU

Keep up the "hard work" hiding white supremacy under the thin veil
Keep the line blurry when activist report facts on imc
Marginalize the topic and be a shill for hate mongers who get exposed.

"white supremacy" apologist wtf LOL! "Marginalize the topic" 15.May.2016 13:04


"Marginalize the topic and be a shill for hate mongers who get exposed"

You "Off Nazi Punks" never fail display yourselves for the adolescent troglodytes you'll always remain. But you still fail.

forever en-Spectacled and mesmerised by the 'accomplishments' ( ... ) of PDX Anti Fa. What a stellar activist legacy.

RE: "hatemongers" in particular. Obviously you've swallowed the mainstream Left meme about 'Trump = Racist' (w/ concomitant 'strategy' of "and_THAT_is_how_we'll_Actually_Defeat_DT") this year.

Yet refuse to acknowledge the other components to the 2016 Trump campaign as shown in the analysis linked above.
( further demonstration of the mental ossification with which you blissfully exist )

" ties Trump to WN " 15.May.2016 13:07


where specifically is the evidence that the Trump campaign suppports WN?

all I see here, is some delusional non-US citizen ("Volodymyr Kolychev" uuhhh yeah that guy's an Amurrican...) who is running some clown show over on PSU campus emblazoned w/ tagname 'Trump'.

touched a nerve 15.May.2016 13:49

I care


You are falling all over yourself as you apologize for white power and try to tell readers to not look behind the veil.

LOL 15.May.2016 13:56


continue to convince yourself that Off Nazi Punks is the center of your life's purpose, and that so many in your community have thanked, rewarded and recognized you for it.

ensuing 'discussion' (??) here is regarding the idiotic pursuit of some non-US citizen with an unpronounceable name who is clowning around on PSU campus, posted here in the illusory objective of getting users to "care" about his antics.... more to the point, deliberate "tieing" (whatever the **** that was supposed to mean) of that 'topic' with the (totally separate topic of) 2016 Trump presidential campaign.

but of course logic and the English language aren't your strong suit.

Grossly mixed up 15.May.2016 17:11


The imc apologist troll clearly states
They dont like trump
They dont like clinton

(And Yet Note)
They poke fun of Antifa
They dont say anything negative about WN and (or) white power
They toss around the Dead Kennedys song ("Off Nazi Punks") as some insinuation of what not to be

"They poke fun of [sic] Antifa" 15.May.2016 17:24

Lol call the WAAAH-hmbulance

"They dont say anything negative about WN and (or) white power"

Liar or ignorant/illiterate.

you missed this post :

** go ahead and spazz-out about the White Nationalists taking over, call them out, Arock them, harass them, protest them, demonstrate, fight, rub out etc. to your paranoid hearts content.

as well as this post :

** White nationalists are utter Morons, and ain't going anywhere soon.

"Dead Kennedys song ("Off Nazi Punks") as some insinuation"

not mere 'insinuation' it's YOUR ENTIRE LIFE SUMMARIZED IN ONE SONG.

Grow up. For chrissakes. get beyond your age 15-24 mentality.

You get SO PISSED OFF that white nationalists EVEN EXIST. just ignore them and they will go away.
they are IRRELEVANT and Not Worth Even Thinking About (let alone posting here about).
Stupid ****ing Morons is all they are and the more you OBSESS with them the more you degrade yourself to their level.

When did a WN ever piss in your Cheerios? Please list the examples of how a WN actually committed prosecutable physical violence against YOU. Document the incident(s), full dates, names, locations, police reports. Right here and now.

Where are the WNs in the United States Congress? List them off.

AntiFa are a caricature of themselves. Plus show me an over-30-years-old, still zealous and still posting on IMC, Anti Fa.
Didn't think so. They've moved on to more important and pressing things in their lives. As you should do with yours.
They poke fun of Antifa !!1!!!!11!
They poke fun of Antifa !!1!!!!11!

Fight them back 18.May.2016 11:15


For the nazi apologists on here, and those who think burying your head in the sand is an appropriate response to a rising fascist movement, here's a primer on how white supremacists are infiltrating college campuses, partially by using Trump for cover:  https://itsgoingdown.org/big-nazis-on-campus/

RE: "nazi apologists" / "rising fascist movement" 19.May.2016 22:38


(was going to say 'thanks for a reasoned response' except for the "to nazi apologists" part....)

As mentioned ^^^ previously, You Go Girls!! if 'fighting fascism**' on campus is your bag. Go get 'em.

You (happen to ) think it's worth spending time bashing / calling out Morons of whatever stripe, and there're a lotta stripes on college campuses... have at it.

" using Trump for cover " (lol) ... already discussed ^^^ above (don't care). Anyone can hitch their name to Trump's bandwagon at this point.

I have a hard time believing the "rising fascist movement" (on U.S. college campus) tagline, though. i.e. statistical/evidential verification thereof. And see below.

[ ** ?? whatever "fascism" in this incarnation/rhetorical reference, is supposed to be... from my perspective "white nationalism" such as it exists in the U.S. in 21st century is like people who claim the Earth is flat i.e., they are a "movement" without a shred of (intellectual or other) credulity, and more than their share of delusions of grandeur let alone any sort of financial-material or political clout. In Eastern Europe, elsewhere / other countries WN has a bit different significance, import and-or meaning, both historical and contemporary. YMMV. ]

Trump, Racism and the Nazi Apologist 20.May.2016 12:17


Can-O-Worms link

The shit is hitting the streets
Students in {Portland} Forest Grove area walk out of schools in protest over a sign that was hung that reflects Trumps logic and racism

Students from @GlencoeHS @BeavertonHigh @Hillsboro_sd join in #StandUpFG protests  http://bit.ly/1rX6Ubw

Go Back to sleep says the pimc "Nazi Apologist" as they toss other "dismissive comments" to people fighting against racism & faschism
These are just students marching
These are just kids with opinions
This has nothing to do with Trump
This is just "Race baiting"
Go throw rocks
Yo Go Girl
Blah Blah Blah

If you put lipstick on a Racist pig does that mean the Racist pig is not really Racist?

Yo [sic] Go Girl 20.May.2016 17:44

We Seem To Have Touched A NERVE.

"dismissive comments" to people fighting against racism & faschism [sic]


call the Waaahmbulance, it's an EMERGENCY!


mrs x

those guys were clearly kidding around for idiots like you to make a fool of yourselves! they are VERY OBVIOUSLY joking, responding to dumb people's accusations with jokes. They don't even know how to hitler salute anything , they have to correct each other. Grow a brain.


mrs x

what is the matter with you guys? some paid media hype mouthpieces claim he's racist so you buy their bullshit? Don't you know it's a CAMPAIGN TACTIC to smear him so he won't win? haha, too many people know it's a lie. He has been investigated and endorsed by myriads of nonwhite people.

UM, you really should hear what they are saying and why....